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Online MBA programs are perhaps the most popular among online business degrees, but finance, marketing, and accounting are all growing online programs as well.

There are dozens of different Masters degrees in business available at campuses across the United States, and at online colleges. The MBA (also known as the Masters of Business Administration) is by far the top business program available online. However, people that already have a Bachelors degree and are currently working in any area of business are finding other areas of specialty for Masters level degrees, including Masters in Accounting, Masters in Finance, and Masters in Marketing.

Masters in Business Programs

School Degrees Program Areas Admissions
University of West Alabama Bachelor, Master 70+ programs in Teaching Education, MBA, Psychology, Cybersecurity, Sports, Business and more. Website
Methodist University Bachelor, Master 20+ Programs: Business, Accounting, Computer Tech, Social Work, Psychology, Health Administration, More Website
George Mason University Master 30+ Programs: Business, Computer/Data Science, Psychology Website
University of New Haven Master Business, Healthcare, Accounting, Cybersecurity, Sports Website
Babson College Master Business, MBA Website
Drake University Bachelor, Master Business, Analytics, Public Administration, Teaching, Health Website
Georgetown University Graduate Business Analytics, Finance, Sports, Technology Website
Concordia University - Saint Paul Associate, Bachelor, Master 30+ Programs: Business, Healthcare, HR, SPorts, Psychology, Cybersecurity, Nursing Website
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The business world is a very different animal than it was 30, 20, or even 15 years ago. These days, you must operate on a global stage, where producers, consumers, and competitors exist in almost every country imaginable. The tactics of yesterday might help you stay afloat, but in order to get ahead, securing online business Masters degrees is all but essential. Fortunately, business is such a massive industry that there are many different certifications and degrees worth pursuing. MBAs (Masters of Business Administration) are the most popular program, but there are other areas of specialty for Masters level degrees, including Masters in Accounting, Masters in Finance, and Masters in Marketing.

Generally speaking, most graduate level business courses teach the basics and essentials associated with each discipline as well as how to operate in a global economy. Coursework might include e-commerce technology, business ethics, cultural awareness and sensitivity, political science, and many other areas germane to international business.

Many Types of Masters in Business Degrees Online

There are many advantages to online business Masters degree programs. Because such degrees are Internet-based, you can stream all your coursework via the Internet at times and locations of your choosing. Equally important, however, is that you develop greater familiarity influence with computer technology since all of your coursework is completed online. Internet research, word processing, spreadsheets, HTML, and various aspects of computer programming will come much more naturally to you if you pursue your education online versus through more conventional channels. This will prove extremely advantageous when it comes time to launch your own business career.

By and large, the more advanced your degree, the better your wages. In addition, there is more job security for employees with advanced degrees than for those employees with four year or two year degrees. Where high school graduates dealt with 9.7 percent unemployment and employees with Bachelors degrees faced 5.2 percent unemployment, professionals with Masters degrees saw less than 4 percent unemployment, much better odds.

If you are ambitious and motivated and want to advance and succeed in your career, an advanced degree is a great career choice. Employers often consider an advanced degree the mark of an employee who’s motivated and hard-working — attributes employers look for when hiring. If you are already working in your chosen field, entering an online MBA program can help you advance your career. Online education offers flexibility and options. Advanced education offers opportunity.

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Online MBA

What do students learn in online MBA programs? Everything about leadership and management, following up your core curriculum with focus on your specific career arc. Online MBA programs cover classes such as: Foundations of leadership, Communications and management, Operations, Accounting and Finance, Competitive strategy, and Global strategic management. Once you have completed your core work, you will focus on more advanced classes and the industry you are planning to head in to, and your choices are vast — health care, education, finance, general business. An online MBA program can get you ready for a rewarding career.

The Online MBA has taken off in the business world, as many executives are finding it to be extremely helpful in advancing their career. Subsequently, a number of specific, more targeted specialty concentrations have been added as degree options at different universities. The most popular types of online MBA programs follow.

If you are going to return to college in order to work towards a Masters degree in business administration, then you have made a very smart decision. Not only will you increase your chances of making a respectable income after graduation, but you will gain a wealth of knowledge and the ability to more quickly advance your career.

What will I learn in business administration classes?
You will learn about various business applications and processes, with a focus on economics, accounting, management, marketing, business organization, and finance. If you choose a specialty, such as consulting or technology, then you can expect to learn a great deal about the specifics of this chosen field.

What jobs will this degree prepare me for?
By earning a Masters degree in business administration, you can significantly increase your job possibilities. You could become a financial analyst, an insurance sales agent, a general manager, or even a CEO, in addition to many other possibilities. The sky is the limit when you have an MBA, which will open so many doors for you. You might even opt to start your own business.

Why should I earn my degree online?
There are many advantages to attending business administration classes online. One advantage is the convenience. You won’t have to worry about driving to and from on-campus classes, which can save you gas money and time, as well as prevent stress. Another advantage is the fact that by taking classes online, you can work at your own pace. Oftentimes there is not a specific time constraint for when you have to be at class, as there is usually the option to listen to prerecorded lectures.

As you can see, earning a Masters degree in business administration is a very smart choice for many different reasons. Not only can you make a substantial income, but you are also likely to be quite satisfied with your work.

Top Online MBA Programs

Executive MBA Online

An Executive MBA program is a specialized MBA degree program created for executive professionals taken at an accelerated pace, normally about 2 years or less. It is intended for professionals who desire to earn their executive MBA program degree rapidly, with condensed course work and convenient online learning formats. This concise formula of learning is designed for busy professionals.

An MBA student must have a wide ranging knowledge of business and understand intellectually how the various components of business function together. Because of this, an executive MBA program you will cover the gamut of core business subjects, such as accounting, legal, finance, marketing, administration, and investing. That being said, there is typically space in the business curriculum for the masters student to choose one particular area of business in order to engender a specialized area of expertise. Because the executive student is usually a professional with years of work experience, this can process can be completed very rapidly.

The Executive MBA program is a fantastic degree for management positions and executives in just about every type of organization, whether in the public or private sector, for profit or non-profit. In the Executive MBA program you will naturally improve your writing and communication skills, one of the best ways to demonstrate ones aptitude to your peers at work, and to show what an attractive candidate you are for various promotional opportunities. Due to the abilities one learns as a student in the Executive MBA program, such as increased problem solving ability, heightened analytical skills, and effective strategic decision making, you will put yourself in a position to take on more responsibility, thereby potentially increasing your income.

Management MBA Online

Management MBA programs are often a good career choice for working adults that are looking to complete graduate school through an online program. Online education is easier for scheduling for individuals working long hours or those with family responsibilities. Online programs often offer substantial return on the time and expense investment. Many people seeking to complete a Management MBA are preparing to enter a business field or may already be employed at a mid-sized or large corporation and seeking to advance their careers.

When completing an online Management MBA degree, students can expect concentrations and areas of study to include: Accounting and Budgets, Marketing and Promotion, Recruitment and Talent Selection, Business Operations and Analysis, and Technology Application in Business.

Students completing online Management MBAs will likely need to demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills. They will need a thorough understanding of human resource practices and have the skills to add value to the daily operating of any sized business. Some graduates will chose to go on to become entrepreneurs and small business owners. For graduates seeking stability within the corporate setting, a Management MBA often opens the doors to upper level management positions such as Sales Director, Marketing Manager or even executive positions within smaller companies, such as Chief Financial Officer.

Choosing to earn a degree online provides a great deal of flexibility, especially for those whom already have an established career. Many online programs can be completed in less than two years allowing for a quicker turn-around on investment when compared to standard programs. Online programs also are preferred by self-directed learners who may wish to have the freedom to learn at their own pace and move through material they are familiar with allowing them more time for new concepts and applications.

Business growth has contributed to the demand for employees who have earned their Management MBA, both locally and internationally. Graduates can often command high salaries and learn the skills that allow them to provide high levels of return on investment for their employers, helping to ensure job security and satisfaction.

Human Resources MBA Online

The most important component of any business enterprise is its workforce. No other investment is as costly or time consuming than vetting, hiring, and training a new employee. Getting that job done right requires a litany of skills and knowledge that only a professional human resources director can deliver. With the myriad of labor laws that need to be successfully navigated, employee related litigation can quickly sink any firm without pockets that are deep enough to absorb the cost. Learning the minutia of human relations means understanding what it takes to keep an operation running smoothly, and holders of an MBA in Human Resources are on the forefront of ensuring that that happens.

Enrollment in an online human resources MBA program teaches you the knowledge you need to move your career to the next plateau. From organizational psychology to compensation analysis to human resources planning and management, the human resources MBA candidate learns what it takes to lead an organization to success. The human resources director plays a vital role in managing an organization’s workforce while keeping the company in compliance with state and federal labor regulations. If you enjoy working with people, and are dedicated to seeing them fulfill their complete potential, then pursuing an MBA in human resources is the perfect vehicle for ensuring that they do so, and that you are in a position to guide them on their path.

An MBA in human resources can open doors for your career that would have remained closed tightly without that educational pedigree. If you want to make a serious move into the upper echelon of human resource management, then you should look into the career opportunities that an MBA in human resources can provide. Human resource directors have a solid place at the table in any organization, and if you want a career that offers a real chance to influence corporate culture, then you should consider working towards your advanced degree in human resources. Such a degree affords you the knowledge to step into any human resource office, and start making the critical decisions that will guarantee that your company not only survives but also thrives. [/su_tab]

Technology MBA Online

In this modern age, businesses rely heavily on the use of technology for their day-to-day operations. Everything about their business, including their sales, inventories, employee records, and communications are all stored on computers. With technology changing at a rapid rate, companies are seeking out highly educated business and IT professionals to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. If their information systems stop functioning properly, it can heavily impact any business and potentially spell disaster. An MBA in technology will provide you with the knowledge you need in business management, and the skills you need in information technology to resolve complex issues and deliver successful solutions.

As more and more business adapt to the use of information technology to remain competitive and expand their businesses, the demand for highly skilled information technology professionals with a strong knowledge of business leadership continues to grow. By having a combined degree in both fields, you will have a competitive advantage as you position yourself as a highly technical business expert.

If attending classes is not an option, many universities now offer the opportunity to earn your degree online. When you work toward your degree through an online program, you can continue to work while furthering your education in your spare time. Online programs are available 24 hours a day and you can access them from anywhere that you have an Internet connection available.

While you are working toward your degree, you can expect to learn about marketing, information systems management, computer database applications, IT project management, database administration, IT strategic solutions, digital commerce and e-business, leadership, corporate finance, computer forensics, business telecommunications, Internet programming, data communications, information technology planning, business intelligence, enterprise systems and infrastructure, and many other subjects.

After you earn your degree, the careers you can expect to qualify for include, but are not limited to, network architect, IT manager, eCommerce manager, database administrator, chief information officer, computer forensic investigator, IT auditor, chief technology officer, IT director, IS director, information systems manager, and technology manager.

Masters in Accounting

During an online master’s degree in accounting program, you will learn valuable skills in order to be successful in the accounting industry. The courses involved in a typical accounting master’s degree include, accounting principles and theory, tax accounting, financial accounting, legal aspects of accounting, and auditing. A master’s degree in accounting is a good investment for those seeking advancement within their current company or with the desire and drive to start their own entrepreneurial endeavor. A knowledge of accounting gives you a unique view into the business and financial world.

A master’s degree in accounting opens the door to many career opportunities. There is a need for professional accountants in all business ventures and organizations. In many situations you will be working in the accounting department of a company, or for a tax firm. Many businesses have various positions available for accountants which allows opportunity for upward mobility. With a master’s degree in accounting you may become an auditor, a government accountant, work as an accountant at the management level, or specialize within either public or private accounting. Those who have a master’s degree often start at much higher salaries than those who have only a bachelor’s or associate degree.

Earning your accounting master’s degree online will allow you to develop the skills necessary to expand your job opportunities, while still working in your current field. Achieving your master’s degree online is simple, no matter where you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection and a computer. If you have the determination and ability, online learning is a great way to earn your degree. Not only will you become an expert in your chosen field of accounting, but you will acquire and develop the technological proficiency needed in today’s world.

Masters in Finance

An online masters degree in finance provides an individual with the opportunity to explore new avenues in this area. Many of today’s top employers expect their employees to have a masters degree, especially to advance from entry level positions to management positions. Obtaining this type of degree used to be difficult, but with online programs available, more students than ever can get the education to progress their career.

Finance is one of the most important areas of education today. It is a demanding field, requiring higher levels of education due to the competitiveness, regulations, and ever-changing dynamics of the field. Individuals who wish to move into more advanced careers, including into CFO, CEO, and financial analyst positions need to have this level of training completed first.

Students who complete this type of degree program work in a range of fields. This includes careers such as: Financial market managers, Corporate finance managers, Investment banking, Financial management analysis, and government finance and management. The career options are numerous and entail both leadership positions and day-to-day financial management of consumer, business, and government accounts. Many individuals with an masters in finance advance to leadership positions as high as chief executive officer.

In an online masters degree, students learn a wide range of topics. Most students have the ability to focus their education in one or more areas. Typical educational curriculums in finance at this level include advanced economic theory, government regulations, securities, investment analysis, and quantitative analysis. Other areas of focus may include managerial accounting, money and capital markets, option analysis, financial derivatives, and capital budgeting and finance.

An online master degree in finance can be an ideal route to take. It allows the student to work while also attending school at his or her own pace. These programs generally take between 18 months and 36 months to complete for full time students. With the flexibility of learning online, though, students can progress at a rate that is right for their needs. Finding the right online masters degree program is the first step to advancing a career.

Masters in Hotel Management

Although anyone can theoretically become a hotel manager with little or no formal training, most of the larger, upscale hotel establishments prefer to hire those with master’s degrees in hotel management. The hospitality industry is notoriously competitive due to the wide variety of options available to travelers and business professionals. As such, hotels want those who have mastered areas such as business administration, housekeeping, food service management, hotel maintenance, catering, marketing, economics, and even engineering.

While internships and hands-on experience are obviously quite important within the industry, there is a growing push towards online training in hotel management. That is because Internet-based distance learning offers numerous advantages that traditional brick and mortar programs find it difficult to replicate, including:

  • Flexibility. With online master’s degrees in hotel management, you can live and go anywhere in the world and still access all of your classes online. This means that you can attend an online program based in California while interning at hotels in New York, Paris, or Tokyo. That type of mobility is hard to beat.
  • Cost. Although the tuition fees among online programs and traditional schools might be comparable, you can save a ton of money by not having to commute. No bus fares, gas, or car maintenance potentially means thousands of dollars in annual savings.
  • IT skills. There exists increasing demand for hotel managers with computer backgrounds and information technology training. Simply by securing your education online, you become better familiarized with Web-based software and computer-related concepts.
  • Choices. There exist many more programs available online than there are in your neighborhood. Why limit yourself? By pursuing Internet-base hotel management programs, you have access to a much larger universe of options. You can apply to the best program online rather than the best school within driving distance.

Masters in Human Resources Management

Human resources managers are critical to the smooth operation of any company. They manage the business’ most valuable asset–its people. Such business professionals oversee benefit programs, set corporate policy, manage the hiring and firing processes and field complaints and employee issues, among other tasks.

Online masters degrees in human resources are generally a two-year course of study. Candidates need to have earned a bachelors degree in business or a related field to be admitted to this program. Course work will include communications, studies about benefit programs, finance, government regulations, employment law and compensation programs.

An online degree carries the advantage of allowing you to work on your degree at home, without a time-consuming and costly commute. Such programs also give you more flexibility in when you view the lectures and when you complete your coursework, making it easier to mesh with existing home and work responsibilities.

A masters degree in human resources management will qualify a person to oversee a company’s human resources department or, in the case of a large business, multiple departments. In this capacity, you will oversee the hiring, recruiting, interviewing and firing process for employees, you’ll work closely with top management to determine staffing needs and set employee policies, and you’ll act as a link between employees and management.

Masters in International Business

Are you intrigued by customs and cultures around the world? Do you see the increasing potential for selling products and services overseas in the increasingly open world market. If so, then a masters degree in international business can help you lead your company in expanding its global reach. You don’t have to quit your job to earn such a degree. An online program can help you acquire the knowledge you need without interrupting your busy schedule.

A masters degree in international business draws from many business disciplines to create a body of knowledge that will serve you well in dealing with multi-national corporations, different currencies and customs and with strategizing for the world market. A masters degree in international business combines economics, management, accounting, marketing, risk management and finance and takes only around two to three years to complete. Most programs require that you first have earned a bachelors degree in a business field before pursuing a masters degree in international business.

An online masters degree program lets you complete the necessary coursework on your schedule, without having to worry about quitting your job, arranging child care or driving to and from the campus. You not only save money on gas, but you can devote all of your energy to your classwork, not getting to and from the class.

International Management

If you are interested in what goes on in other countries, or possibly want to work outside of the US in the future, a Master’s of International Management may be a good program for you. This degree can lead to many positions within the business world, and you can complete it online. Before you sign up for a program of this kind, take a look at the courses you will be enrolled in and the careers you can pursue.

The point of this degree is to give you a global perspective when it comes to business, so you can expect most of your online college classes to focus on increasing your understanding of business practices worldwide. You should be comfortable with the issues facing businesses in other countries, as well as how to manage risk. You will also learn the best practices for creating business and marketing plans in various countries. Of course, you should also gain a working knowledge of the different cultures and languages around the world before you attempt to do business with professionals from other backgrounds.

Career Options for International Business

An MBA degree not only shows a prospective employer that you are serious about your business career, but an international business degree helps to prepare you for a career working with the increasing number of companies that are marketing their products and services in emerging markets, such as China and India.

This degree can prepare you for nearly any career that involves working with professionals in other countries. Of course, there are certain positions that people who get a Master’s of International Management frequently pursue. For example, you can become an exports manager, in which case you would need to understand the regulations of your local market. You can also choose to become an international business consultant for any company that works with businesses in other countries.

As you work on your Masters of International Management degree, you can choose to specialize in a particular topic, allowing you to get a position in a niche field once you graduate. Some examples include marketing, IT, trade, and money management in the international sector. Basically, if you can find a skill you enjoy doing within the business world and could use it when dealing with other countries, you can likely find a career you like once you get your Master’s of International Management degree online.

Masters in Management

In order to succeed in the complicated world of modern management, business professionals must have the skills and abilities that are relevant to the challenges that are present today. A masters degree in management will help to prepare students for success in the business environment. This degree provides flexibility and versatility that will help students get far in the business world and succeed at their endeavors.

The masters degree in management promotes students developing management competencies with the practical application of theory, management and business diagnostics and the actual formulation of consulting solutions and creative management. Each student will acquire a large number of methodologies, concepts and tools for the design and follow through of successful consulting practices.

Additionally, students will have the ability to develop their business related or interpersonal management skills in order to foster teamwork capabilities, creative thinking, and leadership. This degree also provides students with knowledge of techniques and tools that are used by successful consultants in the industry of competitive management.

Once students earn a masters degree in management, some of the career options they will have access to include: Market Research Analysts, Human Resources Managers, Management Analysts, Medical and Health Services Managers, and more. These degrees often offer a core foundation for any student that may be considering seeking additional education or earning their MBA. However, even if the masters in management degree that is available is all that is earned, there are a wide array of career options that are available.

Similarly, Online Masters in Business Management programs provide students with the ability to work within virtually any type of business setting and do it successfully. However, students who wish to find employment options easier and be qualified for positions in upper areas of the field must further their education from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree. Through an online masters degree program, it may be possible for you to achieve the goals you have for yourself with ease.

A masters degree in business management provides individuals with the ability to progress their education and enter into new areas of the corporate world. With a masters degree, students are able to provide consulting and management experience to employers. They will be able to motivate personnel, meet the organizations needs, develop organizational goals, utilize technology to create a global competitive market for the business, and to lead the organization.

Individuals with this level of education work in positions ranging from business ownership to CEO and CFO. With a business management masters degree, individuals may focus their education on a specific area of management, such as human resources, financial analysis, or corporate leadership.

Each school is somewhat different, but most students learn a great deal of management and people-based education in this area. Some curriculum courses often include the following areas of study: Leadership, Negotiation, Business politics, Organizational communications, Ethics and social responsibility, Business law, Project management, and budget and finance management. Students enrolling in a masters degree program may also wish to focus their education in a particular area. For example, some students focus on human resource management to complete their BMA.

A Masters in Management program tends to take between two years and 35 months to complete, but most programs are very flexible to allow students to navigate their educational path at their own pace. With the ability to earn more, advance a career, and improve communication and management skills, a business management masters degree may be ideal for many students.

Masters in Marketing

If you are interested in marketing services and products for businesses and other organizations, you may want to consider pursuing a masters degree in marketing. Earning an advanced marketing degree will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to have a career in almost in industry that interests you. Marketing is a crucial aspect of business plans, public relations, advertising and marketing research, so those who hold a masters degree are in high demand for businesses around the world.

There are two options commonly available when earning a masters degree in marketing: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing or a Master of Science (MS) in Marketing, which is a more general marketing degree. Both programs will provide you with a knowledge of global markets and brand strategies. The primary prerequisites for entering a masters program are a bachelors degree, graduate test scores and documentation of completed courses relating to marketing studies.

While studying for your masters degree in marketing, the primary courses required will give you a broad understanding of marketing principles and methodologies. Throughout your studies you will also learn about product development principles, techniques for targeting specific markets, consumer buyer behavior and brand management strategies.

The exact courses will vary, especially if you choose a specific field of marketing concentration; however, common courses include: Marketing communications, Marketing research, Marketing analysis, Strategic marketing, and Customer management.

Once you have earned your masters degree in marketing, there are usually a wide range of career options to choose from. Some of the most common career options include:

Public relations specialist, which is also known as a media specialist or a communication specialist. Tasks in this career often include handling public relation activities, communicating with the media and/or writing speeches and press releases.

Account executive, which is someone who acts as a middleman between advertising accounts and the company. Tasks in this field often include, securing new accounts, making new contacts and/or maintaining business relationships.

Marketing managers are those who are in charge of company strategies. Tasks often include, identifying potential markets, promoting products, brands or services and estimating demand.
This type of career is one that is typically in large demand, because both large and small businesses rely heavily on their marketing team. Individuals who earn a masters degree in marketing typically enter into a career that is related to sales in some capacity; however, a masters degree will allow you to easily work your way up in ranks to managerial roles.

Masters in Organizational Management

Although employees, resources, and capital are important ingredients for success, companies require a certain degree of cohesion, perspective, and organizational management in order to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s global economy. This is why companies often hire those with online master’s degrees in organizational management to help streamline their operations, encourage greater teamwork and cooperation, and monitor potential business opportunities. Although courses vary from program to program, common classes include leadership, organization, social change, fiscal management, macroeconomics, marketing, information technology, human resources, advertising, mission driven organizational theory, multicultural team development, fundraising, accounting, and intercultural communications. All of these courses will provide you with the skills and training necessary to help companies meet new challenges, reach goals under budget, and complete projects by specified deadlines.

History is full of examples of companies that failed to meet their stated objectives even though they had everything going for them. What many of these failed business ventures lacked were strong organizational managers to help reduce risks, maximize opportunities, allocate resources, and streamline operations. With an online master’s degree in organizational management, you can help the companies of today and tomorrow avoid many of the mistakes that previous companies suffered. Quite naturally, your specific skill set and training will help you enjoy fairly healthy demand as the global business landscape becomes even more competitive.

Masters in Project Management

As more companies adhere to project-based methods to accomplish jobs, qualified project managers are in ever greater demand. In today’s landscape, a project manager supervises all aspects of a project to ensure that the goals for timeline, requirements, and budget are met.

For the working professional, an online master’s degree in project management is an investment in your career and future that will open doors that allow you to earn more pay with greater responsibility. Also, with today’s highly-competitive job market, a master’s degree in project management (PM) can put you on the fast track for promotion or be used to leverage your new-found knowledge into more demanding positions and projects.

The best reasons for choosing to go online rather than to a traditional university to get your master’s degree in project management are the savings of time and money. If you’re a busy professional, you are able to set the course load that you can handle and do the work at hours that are suitable to you. You also save time and transportation costs since your university is not a physical one that you have to travel to and from, but is a virtual one that can be accessed at your convenience to receive course content and resources from any place that has an internet connection.

Once earned, a master’s degree in project management can be applied to a variety of fields. The practices learned from your degree can be applied to project management jobs in information technology or other technical fields, business analysis and development, supply chain management, construction and manufacturing or even to service industry jobs.

The curriculum for an online master’s degree in project management varies by university, but they tend to be very similar. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university along with meaningful work experience is usually a prerequisite. Core courses for a project management master’s degree often include organizational management, risk management, and quality assurance. You will also learn cost-benefit analysis, the decision making process, human resources principles, scheduling, communication, and organizational leadership.

More detailed instruction will be given through the use of industry-standard tools to manage and plan complicated projects. Other areas of deeper study include learning to manage a project’s life cycle, studying about international projects and the issues that come along with them, and knowledge of ethical business practices.

Online Master’s in Project Management: Technology/IT

Virtually every industry uses project-based software to accomplish tasks, organize projects, and keep track of goals. Project managers oversee projects of all sizes to make sure that the project flows together seamlessly from beginning to end. As a project manager your job will be to ensure that the entire project comes in on time and under budget.

The entire time you’re managing the project, you will have a team of employees that you need to motivate and manage along the way in order to get the job done. Getting your master’s degree will help prepare you to execute large-scale projects from inception to completion, and deal with all of the issues that come up along the way. You will be responsible for defining and leading the project, estimating the cost, assessing potential risks, setting up and maintaining the schedule, keeping track of the budget, and resolving any conflicts that occur over the duration of the project. You will track, control, and coordinate the entire project.

Earning your degree online is an excellent option for those currently working in the project management field who don’t want to stop working while they work toward their degree. Working towards an online degree lets you keep working and earning your paycheck while you pursue your studies at your own pace in your spare time.

While you’re working towards your degree you can expect to learn about advanced project management, risk analysis and management, value management, project planning, project control, quality control, professional communications, commercial law, organizational management, procurement law, human resources, project costing and budgeting, managing complex projects, enterprise architecture, project scheduling, supply chain management, and project execution, along with many other subjects.

Highly qualified project management graduates are in demand in virtually every industry. Careers that you can expect to qualify for after you receive your master’s degree include, but are not limited to, project coordinator, project manager, project analyst, business planning manager, production manager, systems manager, scheduler, and quality assurance manager.

Masters in Economics

Economic theory is a process that never stops evolving due to the ever-changing global business landscape. As new technologies, nations, products, consumer preferences, social problems, and methodologies come into the picture, economists must account for these changes and update pre-existing models of how the world works. Those who secure online master’s of economics help explain how best to marshal limited resources and use them to their best advantage. They also help predict potential pitfalls and risks associated with many of the decisions that governments, societies, and businesses make on a daily basis.

With a degree in this field, you can help society at large determine optimal courses of action by providing extensive economic analysis, theory, and advice. Coursework might include public finance, economic development, international economics, health economics, mathematical economics, microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, economic development, and other series germane to this expansive field. The beauty of online master’s of economics is that you can complete your degree from the comfort of home. There’s no need to commute or relocate to the school of your choice. With a master’s of economics, you can work in a wide variety of professional settings after you graduate. Businesses, governments, not-for-profit organizations, hospitals, and academic institutions all over the world rely on the skills and training possessed by those who have secured certification in economics at the master’s level. And as the global business economy becomes even more integrated, there will be even greater demand for your unique knowledge and expertise.

Masters in Risk Management

A master’s degree in risk management teaches you a wide variety of areas where risk management is a priority. Risk management involves many different directions; a new graduate can go into identification, assessment, and management of financial, legal, and other types of risks within organizations.

You usually learn primarily about property and casualty insurance, loss prevention, risk theory, and liability. You will also need classes on finance and legal methodology. Alongside these areas, you will also learn about management and business theory. A risk management master’s degree is often accompanied by an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Primary coursework can include: Insurance models, Labor law, Security management theory, Industrial safety, Auditing, and Workers compensation. Additional coursework may include: Compliance legislation, Risk-prevention planning, Global economics, Corporate finance structures, Supervision and motivation, Strategic management, Advertising management, Operations management, and Business communication.

Typically, before being accepted into a master’s in risk management degree program, you should have a background in economics, business law, accounting, business administration, and/or finance. You need at least a bachelor’s degree to be considered for admission.

What Jobs Are Available for Someone with a Master’s Degree in Risk Management

An array of employment opportunities await graduates with a master’s in risk management. Some employment paths include upper-level and executive management positions. Jobs you could qualify for include risk management specialist, insurance claim manager, actuary, compliance manager, quality control, and loss control specialist. You could even branch out on your own by starting your own business or by being a consultant in a particular field. Risk management is a field that has become increasingly popular the last several years, and that growth is expected to continue.

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