Online Louisiana Degree Guide

We found a total of 34 colleges in Louisiana with online degrees. There are 120 Associates, 174 Bachelors, 148 Masters, and 6 doctoral level degrees that are entirely offered or at least partially online at Louisiana colleges and universities.

Louisiana's Most Prominent Online Programs

When you have decided that it is your time to start a higher education program, online degree programs may be on your list of potential programs to consider. Online degree programs in Louisiana can help you achieve your goal of better opportunity without the added hassle of managing scheduling and attending classes in person. Universities throughout the state of Louisiana can offer you online degree programs in several different subject areas in order to fulfill your need of high quality learning in the most flexible format.

Some of the most prominent universities offering online degree programs include the University of Louisiana at Lafayete and Northwestern State University. Our team encourages you to read more in this guide about information regarding online degree programs within this state.

Growing Industries

Deciding to pursue your degree online can be an exhilarating experience. In order to get the most out of your degree process, you should enroll in degree programs that can help to advance your career and align with the overall growth of your field as a whole.

The Louisiana Economic Development department provides residents with up to date information on industries that could see growth within the state over the next decade. Some of the most anticipated fields in this state include agribusiness, software development, and aerospace engineering. If you have an interest in any of these fields, it may be worth your while to explore online degree programs that can help you obtain careers within them.

Financial Aid Available to You

Some students interested in online educational programs might be interested in learning more about the financial aid opportunities available to help them cover the costs of their tuition.

The first step that you should take when exploring these options is to fill out your FAFSA each year that you plan to enroll in classes. This application can determine whether or not you qualify for free grants from the government or low-interest loans. Scholarship opportunities can also be found for students that have shown great achievement in previous educational programs, committed to community service, or have been involved in extracurricular activities and sports. Local business and charity organizations in the state of Louisiana may also provide opportunities for you to research.

How to Gain Access to In-State Tuition Prices

If you are interested in obtaining the lower in-state tuition rate at colleges in Louisiana, you should be prepared to prove your current residency status at the time of enrollment. Alternatively, universities such as the University of Louisiana at Lafayete provide all students with the same flat-rate in-state tuition charges in order to attract more students to their program.

If you choose another university for your online degree program, you may be expected to show consistent residency within the state for the last year or provide proof that you intend to continue residency in the state after a recent move. This requirement can include providing proof of address, driver's license, or even employment at the time of enrollment.

    timeline LA Careers & Employment

  • Average Mean Salary in Louisiana: $41590 (Range: $17530 to $74840)
  • Actual Jobs in 2014: 2,063,280 / Jobs Projected in 2024: 2,210,450
  • LA Employment Change: 147,170 (7.1%)
  • LA Average Annual Job Openings: 66,770 per year