Online Iowa Degree Guide

We found a total of 45 colleges in Iowa with online degrees. There are 195 Associates, 171 Bachelors, 173 Masters, and 8 doctoral level degrees that are entirely offered or at least partially online at Iowa colleges and universities.

Iowa's Most Prominent Online Programs

Students residing in Iowa that are interested in pursuing the online route towards career success can do so through local universities. Online degree programs in the state of Iowa can be a great way for you to engage in convenient learning without having to sacrifice your personal or work time on attending classes on-campus.

The most prominent online programs in this state can be found at the University of Iowa. Students that choose this university for their programs can browse through multiple major options online in business, political science, nursing, and even education. The quality of these online degree programs are comparable to the traditional programs taught at this university. Program accreditations may also be available for degrees that can lead to licensure. Take a look in the following sections to see more about online programs in Iowa.

Growing Iowa Industries

In order to give you the best insight into the preferred and growing industries in your state, our team of educational experts has reviewed projections for growth from multiple sources. Some of the industries that could show a significant amount of growth over the next ten years include those that focus on agriculture and food production, technology, clean energy, and manufacturing.
If you would like to find an online degree program that can provide you with lasting career resources, you should always consider the anticipated growth of your chosen field. This can lead to diverse and expansive career options as you transition into the workforce after your graduation.

Financial Aid Available to You

One of the most well-known attributes of educational programs is the costs. Students often ponder methods to reduce the costs of their program, along with methods for financing costs such as tuition, fees, and books. If you are one of the many students in Iowa that are seeking ways to make this process easier, you should seek out financial aid to assist you along the way.

Federal student loans and grants can be great resources for you, especially if you are new to college and enrolling in undergraduate degree programs. At the graduate level, you can have access to students loans alongside standard scholarship opportunities. Scholarships can be found through searching online or locating local organizations offering scholarships for a wide variety of students. Your educational history and extracurricular activities could help you qualify for unique scholarships through your chosen school as well.

How to Gain Access to In-State Tuition Prices

In order to meet the requirements for in-state residency at universities in Iowa, you may be expected to submit certain documents prior to receiving the lower rate for your program. The first requirements set forth by the state requires that you permanently live in the state for at least 1 year prior to starting your program.

Secondly, the university requires that you provide proof of a state income tax return for either you or your parents - if you are still a dependent learner - in order to show that your residency was valid through the previous year. Other requirements include showing proof of a minimum of a thirty hour per week job in the state, as well as vehicle registration and driver's license.

    timeline IA Careers & Employment

  • Average Mean Salary in Iowa: $44730 (Range: $18990 to $78070)
  • Actual Jobs in 2014: 695,270 / Jobs Projected in 2024: 833,350
  • IA Employment Change: 138,080 (19.9%)
  • IA Average Annual Job Openings: 302,240 per year