Online South Carolina Degree Guide

We found a total of 42 colleges in South Carolina with online degrees. There are 62 Associates, 115 Bachelors, 100 Masters, and 13 doctoral level degrees that are entirely offered or at least partially online at South Carolina colleges and universities.

South Carolina's Most Prominent Online Programs

Students interested in enrolling in online degree programs in the state of South Carolina can engage in a learning experience that is equal in quality to traditional programs and easy to work around the busiest of schedules.

The most prominent university offering online degree programs is the University of South Carolina. With a wide variety of different degree fields to choose from, this university is the leading provider of online programs for students in fields such as business and psychology. If you are interested in learning more about the decision to pursue online higher education, read along in this helpful guide put together by our experienced educational researchers.

Growing Industries

The South Carolina Department of Commerce providers further information some of the fields that are expected to show growth over the next decade. Among those listed on this department's website, business and life sciences are some of the most common for upcoming college students to consider. If you have an interest in managing large teams of employees, accounting, or even specialty sciences such as biology or pharmacology, you could enroll in a degree program that can put you in touch with growing industries within this state. Other industries such as agriculture and engineering can also be popular choices for you to consider.

Financial Aid Available to You

As you consider your transition into online degree programs in South Carolina, you should take into consideration the costs of your degree program. There are several different methods in South Carolina that you can pursue in order to fund your education, some of which are offered at the federal level. Filling out your annual FAFSA can enlighten you to opportunities to receive federal grants - which do not have to be repaid, and federal loans that do not require repayment until after you have graduated.

Exploring local agencies and organization for scholarship opportunities can also be beneficial to you along the way. The rising costs of tuition at universities all over the country can make the need for exploring various funding option important to upcoming online students.

How to Gain Access to In-State Tuition Prices

If you are like many other students considering enrollment in online degree programs in South Carolina, you might be considering how to get the best price on tuition during your experience. If you can qualify for in-state tuition prices, you may be able to pay significantly less per credit hour than students residing out of state.

The residency requirements for this state include proving residency within the state for 12 consecutive months prior to the start date of your classes. You can prove this by providing a valid driver's license, proof of rental agreement or home ownership, or mailing statements with a South Carolina address. If you are new to the state, you may also be able to provide proof of anticipated residency status by showing recent purchase of a home or proof of full-time employment.

    timeline SC Careers & Employment

  • Average Mean Salary in South Carolina: $42240 (Range: $17860 to $76180)
  • Actual Jobs in 2014: 2,050,800 / Jobs Projected in 2024: 2,220,180
  • SC Employment Change: 169,380 (8.3%)
  • SC Average Annual Job Openings: 67,410 per year