Online Nevada Degree Guide

We found a total of 11 colleges in Nevada with online degrees. There are 78 Associates, 70 Bachelors, 33 Masters, and 1 doctoral level degrees that are entirely offered or at least partially online at Nevada colleges and universities.

Nevada's Most Prominent Online Programs

Whether you are interested in popular degree programs such as those in business, education, or even in healthcare field, the state of Nevada can provide you with online degree programs to suit your needs.

Universities such as the University of Nevada at Rena and Western Governor's University Nevada can be excellent choices for you as you move forward on your journey to career success. Online degree programs at the associate's, bachelor's, and master's level can be found through these diverse universities, as well as certificate programs to help shape your expertise for the career you desire. If you are interested in learning more about the choice to pursue online degree programs, read more beneath this section.

Growing Industries in Nevada

If you currently live in the state of Nevada, you may already be aware of the technological aspirations in this area. There are several different industries that are emerging with the growth in technologies and others that are simply expanding as the popular rises. Industries such as IT, engineering, and healthcare technology and advancement are continuously growing in this state, making it a great place to engage in these types of degree programs. Some students may also choose degree programs in business or education in order to contribute to future growth within these fields. Your degree program can help shape the professional that you become in the future, so it is important to consider these growing industries when choosing your online program.

Financial Aid Available to You

The costs of online degree programs can sometimes derail your plans of pursuing higher tier positions in your preferred field. As the years progress, the cost of online education may continue to grow, making it necessary to plan for alternative financing options.

Some of the most preferred methods for paying for an online education are federal grants and loans. You can have access to these through an application process that helps you determine whether or not you qualify for either - which is completed yearly during your program. Alternative options such as scholarships can also be found in your local community or online. Some scholarships are awarded based on your high school achievements, sports involvement, or even based upon an assortment of extracurricular activities.

Access Nevada's In-State Tuition Prices

Students like you that are considering enrollment in Nevada's online degree programs may be seeking the most affordable route in achieving their goal. The best price that you can obtain for your tuition is that which is afforded to in-state residents, making this status the most preferred for upcoming students.

If you would like to qualify for in-state tuition prices, you must be able to show proof of residency for the last 12 months, a changed driver's license, and proof of independent status if your parents reside in a different state. Students under the age of 23 may be considered dependent students and billed based upon their parents' residency if proof of independent status cannot be obtained. Ways that you can prove independent status include showing an individual tax return, proof of employment, or order of emancipation.

    timeline NV Careers & Employment

  • Average Mean Salary in Nevada: $45040 (Range: $18680 to $81370)
  • Actual Jobs in 2014: 4,405,560 / Jobs Projected in 2024: 4,945,710
  • NV Employment Change: 540,150 (12.3%)
  • NV Average Annual Job Openings: 160,750 per year