Online Master’s in Accounting Programs

Students that have successfully completed a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance or even another related business program can look to online masters programs to help advance their careers.

Online masters programs in Accounting and Finance can provide students with a more in-depth perspective on accounting and finance, which can lead to more responsibility and better paying positions when paired with work experience. Courses in online masters program can be taken completely online, with some programs allowing students to engage in supervised work experiences during their program to help promote generalization.

Overall, the online Masters in Accounting and Finance can be completed in 1-2 years. Some online schools offer programs that quickly move you through your courses in order to complete your program at an expedited rate. The credit hour requirement for these programs may differ depending on which school you choose, but most generally contain anywhere from 45-60 credit hours.

Different masters programs such as the master of arts and master of science may also be available for you to choose from. The online MA may include more humanities and arts courses, while the MS may focus more on the science and major-related course work. Another interesting aspect of online Master’s in Accounting and Finance programs is that students can pursue a concentration option for their degree at this stage.

A concentration – or degree specialization – can be a great way to focus on specific aspects of the field that interest you the most. There are current several different specializations to choose from in this degree program, each having its own special contribution to the field as a whole.

Take a look at a few common specialization options below.

  • Economics
  • International Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Insurance

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Coursework for Online Master’s in Accounting

The specialization that you choose for your degree program can sometimes modify the courses you will take during your experience. Learning more about the courses you will be expected to take can provide you with a great outlook on what to expect while enrolled.

General courses for the online Masters in Accounting and Finance include those pertaining to accounting software, balance sheets, and new-age methods for financial management. In addition to these general topics, students can also take courses that can educate them on special topics within their field, which can lead to versatility in the field. Read more about a few example courses as you continue through this guide.

  • Federal Tax Research: Finance and accounting professionals should have well-rounded knowledge of the U.S. tax system and its regulations. This course can provide students with a look into historic cases regarding taxation, laws and regulations relevant to business, and research methods that can increase knowledge and awareness within areas related to taxation.
  • Integrated Accounting Applications: The influence of technology has modified that way that Americans do business from many viewpoints. Accounting professionals interested in pursuing careers in leading industries can learn more about how applications related to accounting and finance are used in business today through involvement in this course. Applications with different purposes, results, and methods can be covered in this course, as well as an outlook into the future of innovative accounting tools.

Accounting Careers for Master’s Graduates

The courses above are just a few of the many fascinating elements included in these programs. The purpose of this type of coursework is to prepare you for careers that can positively influence the financial standing of the company you work for.

If you are like many other upcoming professionals in this field, you might be interested in how much money you can make after graduation, as well as some common job titles available for you to obtain. Our team of experts has reviewed some of the most common career options for masters graduates in order to fill you in on what is out there.

  • Finance and Insurance Accounting: $74,140 on average per year (BLS).
  • Accounting Management: $72,160 on average per year (BLS).

Online Doctorate of Accounting

If you are the type of student that wants to know everything possible about your career field, the online Doctorate in Accounting and Finance could be a great option for you to consider. The online doctorate is available in different formats, including the Ph.D. – which focuses generally on the research-oriented aspects of accounting and finance, as well as improvements to the field overall, and the Doctorate in Accounting and Finance.

The Doctorate in Accounting and Finance can provide you with advanced skills for management within financial agencies or even skills relevant to assessing the efficiency of financial or accounting firms. Depending on which path you would like to pursue for your career, there are flexible online programs available for you to pursue. Online Doctorate programs in Accounting and Finance can be a great investment to your future.

Students entering these programs from the masters level can expect to spend around 2-3 years completing their program, while students entering from bachelors program may expect 4-5 years of continued education. The school that you choose for your program may provide clear expectations for your time spent in the program, so our team encourages you to check out these standards prior to enrolling.

Those interested in the online format of this program may be pleased to learn that the course work in these programs is provided through a convenient online platform. Since online doctorate programs focus a lot on individual effort and learning, students can expect to indulge in research projects and independent learning experiences as part of their program.

Online courses can provide students with convenient and accessible support from instructors, communication with others students in the class, and a convenient scheduling method that can match their own personal needs.

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Doctorate in Accounting Courses

The type of online doctorate program you pursue can solidify what type of information you gain throughout. Applied doctoral programs can provide you with an advanced set of skills relevant to practice in real-world financial setting, as well as allow you to look deeper into the schematics of financial and accounting organizations. Research-oriented online Ph.D. programs can help you practice your quantitative and qualitative research skills, so that you can make meaningful contributions to your field in the future.

As you read through the example courses below, consider whether these topics align with what message you want to convey during your professional experience.

  • Managerial Accounting: At the doctoral level, students can gain a better insight into the management skills required in the field of accounting. This course can introduce you to topics such as financial prediction methods, decision making, and profit analyses. In this program, you can also explore some common philosophies in accounting, as well as regulations and laws pertaining to financial management.
  • Quantitative Business Data Analysis: Part of learning at the doctoral level may include a look into research regarding financial status, statistical analyses, and analytical methods for predicting success. Specifically, students can learn more about inference, t-tests, and multiple linear regression during this course. The purpose of this course is to inform students of the various statistical methods available for analyzing costs and financial data in organizations.

Careers for Doctorate Earners

Since this online degree program can be geared towards different professional paths, you can expect to see some varying career options for those that graduate from it. Some graduates may be interested in educating others about the field of accounting and finance, while others may be more interested in leading top financial organizations.

Our team has researched some of the common job titles for graduates at this degree level in order to help you make a decision on which degree program to pursue. Check out a few options they found below.

  • Financial Managers: $125,080 on average per year (BLS).
  • Financial Analysts: $84,300 on average per year (BLS).

Professional Accounting Organizations

As a new professional in the field of accounting and finance, you may feel overwhelmed with excitement about your success, but still a little nervous about getting started in your new career. Professional organizations in accounting and finance were designed to provide professionals with supportive resources to help get them started in the field and provide great insight throughout the duration of a career.

Joining a professional organization can put you in touch with other professionals, educate you on new regulations and standards, and even provide you with advocacy during your experience in the field. Take a look at some of the common organizations in the list beneath this section.

  • The National Society of Accountants (NSA): This professional organization can be a great option for students interested in careers in accounting. The mission of this organization is to further educate members on areas of finance and taxation relevant in society today.
  • The Association for Finance Professionals (AFP): The AFP is an organization that focuses on the advancement of methods and success for people in the financial field. This organization hosts one of the largest financial conferences available, providing members with opportunities for networking and higher knowledge within their discipline.