The Best Guide to Vocational Schools

Trade and vocational schools, as well as community colleges, offer skills-specific programs that may result in a degree or a certificate. Generally speaking, these programs are short term (shorter than a 4-year Bachelor's program), and include coursework that is specific to the actual job. Sometimes there is additional certification steps required but it depends on the program.

Vocational Schools

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Be sure to thoroughly investigate any trade or vocational schools. Although many of these schools are honest, there are some bad actors out there.

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Film and Photography Schools

If you are creative, imaginative, artistic, detail-oriented and dedicated, you may want to explore career opportunities in film and photography. Although this industry is highly competitive, practical experience, talent and professionalism can take you a long way. Career-focused training can help you get your foot in the door.
The number of individuals interested in salaried film and photography positions generally exceeds the number of openings. Stand out in the crowd with training from a film school or photography college! A practical education program can be the ideal track to get the required skills to break into this challenging field.
Careers in Film
Filmmaking careers are desired by many and hard to obtain. Filmmaking is a very rigorous job when done through studio contracts, and filmmakers work through many challenges when working on independent financing. If you are up to the challenge, consider career possibilities such as directors, producers, screenwriters, art directors, cinematographers, multimedia artists, animators and actors.
Careers in Photography
Photography careers require dedication and strong artistic ability. Most entry-level photography and photojournalism careers require a college degree in journalism or photography. Photography careers are available through various agencies, organizations and portrait studios.
Careers in photography generally fall into five main categories:

  • Portrait Photography
  • Commercial and Industrial Photography
  • Scientific Photography
  • News Photography or Photojournalism
  • Fine Arts Photography

With experience, talent and technical proficiency, you could also consider working as a freelance photographer. In fact more than half of all photographers are freelance or self-employed.
Film Schools and Photography Schools
These industries can be extremely rewarding if you have the right skills and talents. There are more openings available for you if you are technically trained through a film or photography school. Since there is such a high level of technical precision involved in both film and photography, prepare yourself by obtaining the necessary skills through career-focused training programs.
Film and photography degrees are offered at most four year colleges. Most career-focused classes are also offered at technical and community colleges nationwide. These degree programs offer the basic courses for the technical aspects of still and motion photography, as well as hands-on experience for continued growth.

Dental Assistant Schools

As with most healthcare-related positions, the dental field is growing and trained professionals are in demand. Dental careers offer rewards beyond most jobs. You have the opportunity to help other people on a daily basis. Those with the right dental training can pursue careers as a dental technician or dental assistant. And the best part – with career-focused dental schools, you don’t have to spend years training before starting your career!

Career Opportunities

As a dental assistant or dental technician, you could work chairside as dentists examine and treat patients. You would prepare patients for treatment, perform cleaning procedures, obtain dental records, and most importantly, make people feel as comfortable as possible in the dental chair.

Dental hygiene is important for both health and beauty reasons. Dental assistants and technicians, as well as dental hygienists, work to promote good dental care. Explore training opportunities in the dental field and begin a career you enjoy!

Fashion Design Programs

If you have an eye for new and upcoming fashion trends, a creative spirit, and the desire to begin a new and exciting job, then why not consider a career in fashion design? A local fashion design school can provide you with training in textiles, fabrics and embellishment, and knowledge about the history and trends of fashion. Get the education you need, and turn your natural talents and interests into a fashion design career.

Career Opportunities within Fashion Design

There are many potential careers available to individuals with fashion design training. Careers in this industry are fast-paced and exciting, due to the flexible hours and tight deadlines and budgets. A fashion school graduate can work for a fashion design company with varied involvement in the design and production processes, depending on the size of the business and position held. Fashion design training can also lead to a career in interior design, industrial design, graphic design, or apparel manufacturing and distribution.

Trades: Gunsmithing and Horseshoeing

An age-old craft and hobby for some, gunsmithing is integral for professionals and hobbyists alike. There are many gun collectors looking to increase their collection, and especially many collectors looking to get specific weapons or guns rehabilitated for display purposes.

As weaponry becomes increasingly advanced, there is a growing need for trained and dedicated gunsmithing professionals. If you are a hunter, a military history enthusiast or otherwise interested in guns, then there may be more opportunities than you think available after certification from a gunsmith school.

Many fields, including law enforcement and the military, are in need of professionals to design, repair and remodel guns. Turn your enthusiasm for guns into a high-demand career today by contacting a gunsmith school and getting the technical training you need.

What is a Gunsmith?

Simply stated, a gunsmith is a person that builds, repairs, and restores guns of any type.

Career Opportunities for Gunsmiths

Gunsmiths are involved in every step of designing, remodeling and repairing firearms. As a gunsmith, you could craft completely new guns, modify designs, remodel guns according to customer specifications, and repair all ages and models of weaponry. Trained gunsmiths often work in one of the following places or industries:

  • Sporting shops
  • Law enforcement
  • Military branches
  • Gun shows
  • Firearms safety training
  • Gun sales
  • Armories


If you have a love of horses and a desire for a steady career that combines outdoor work and considerable local travel, then consider training as a horseshoeing professional – also known as a farrier.

Horseshoeing is much more than an ordinary day job – as a farrier, you could be working directly with veterinarians and horse owners as the principal caretaker of a horse’s legs, feet and hooves. A farrier cares for horses in need of emergency services and works to prevent such emergencies. If this active career sounds appealing to you, search for one of the nation’s horseshoeing schools!

Animal Training

The industry expands beyond pet pampering products and services. Pet lovers have turned the pet business into a multibillion dollar industry so it’s no surprise that they demand the best care from veterinary professionals when their pets need medical attention. You could train today to fill that position! A veterinary degree from a veterinary technician school will prepare you for an exciting and rewarding career in the animal care field.

If you are a pet lover, why not turn your love for animals into a meaningful and satisfying career? With career-focused training, you could be providing aid to our furry friends in just months!

Career Opportunities

When most people think of animal care, the first profession that comes to mind is veterinarian. But the animal care and veterinary industry expands much further! Many jobs – such as veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, groomers, and shelter or kennel attendants – are available without spending the better part of a decade in college.


Aside from choosing a good cosmetology school where you can take up your cosmetology training course or program, it would also be important for you to check out what kinds of careers and professions you can get into once you complete your studies. By researching about this, it would be easier for you to have a better idea of what kind of specialty or course in cosmetology you should take. Here is a list of some of the careers and professions that you can have in the field of cosmetology.

Makeup Artist
Makeup artists are cosmetology specialists who can work with individual clients at a salon or for groups of people at special events. Their job description generally involves applying makeup to clients to make them look good or give them the look that they want to achieve. Some of the areas that makeup artists are usually trained to do include: matching the right makeup colors to skin tones; bringing out facial features through the clever use of makeup; and hiding blemishes and other imperfections. Today, courses in makeup application are one of the most popular among the cosmetology courses so you should be able to find a school and a program which would provide you with the knowledge you need to become a good makeup artist later on.

Hairstylist or Hairdresser
A hairstylist or a hairdresser is an individual who is knowledgeable and trained in cutting, coloring and styling the hair of their clients. To become a hairstylist, you should first take hairstyling and hairdresser training program at a cosmetology school. Some of the courses that you may need to take include: the proper method of cutting, coloring and styling hair; and the latest techniques that are used in hairstyling ad hairdressing.

Nail Technician
Nowadays, nail technicians are no longer just individuals who are only trained in doing manicures and pedicures for their clients; as cosmetology courses such as nail technician courses already cover topics about how to do nail art and how to do various types of nail and hand treatments.

Electrologists are individuals who are specifically trained in electrolysis or the permanent removal of facial ad body hair. This is another popular profession in the field of beauty and personal care services because a lot of people nowadays are choosing to have their unwanted hair removed permanently instead of having to shave or wax periodically. Through electrolysis, facial or body hair is removed with the use of a metal probe that is inserted into and electrifies the hair follicles. This, in turn, causes the hair follicles to die which means that the hair would not grow back. If you want to become an electrologist, note that you would need to take a training program which teaches the process of electrolysis as well as get additional certification upon completing your studies.


Professionals with training in heating and refrigeration are in demand. Go back to school and get on the road to an exciting career in heating and refrigeration! Due to the recent concern for energy conservation and the environment, the need for qualified heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning (HVAC) professionals is on the rise. Graduates from heating and refrigeration schools have full access to these careers and their advantages.

Career Opportunities
Beyond technical training, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning technicians must be certified by an Environmental Protection Agency-approved organization. Work in heating and refrigeration can be varied and exciting, as technicians must travel between buildings daily to install and maintain climate control systems. HVAC technicians often specialize in either installation or repair, but are usually trained for both.

Heavy work in the industry can be seasonal, but service contracts and regular maintenance plans keep workers busy. Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and technicians install oil, gas, electric, solid-fuel and multiple-fuel heating systems and maintain heating and cooling systems. These systems control the temperature, humidity and total air quality in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, or any other building that uses climate-controlled equipment.

Computer Technician or Repair

Given the technological nature of today’s business world, those with the right computer training are integral parts of the entire workforce. Almost every career field has the need for qualified individuals with experience in computers and information technology. Although newer technology is making it easier for those without training to own and operate their own computer systems, the business world is still looking for dedicated individuals with the right training to fill many computer and information technology positions.

Increasingly, modern life is based on technology. In our businesses and our personal lives, digital technology reaches into every aspect of work, communication and relaxation. And as these electronic devices and computers become more advanced and more widespread, the demand grows for those with the skills to maintain and service them. Put your analytical mind and technical skills to use in an electronics and computer repair career.


While lawyers are held ultimately responsible for legal work, they often delegate many of their tasks to paralegals and legal assistants. Paralegals and legal assistants are crucial to law firms, government offices, major corporations and the overall justice system.

Many paralegals and legal assistants choose to specialize in one area of law, such as litigation, personal injury, corporate law, criminal law, employee benefits, intellectual property, labor law, bankruptcy, immigration, family law or real estate.

The duties of paralegals and legal assistants differ widely with the type of organizations in which they are employed. However, no matter which area you decide to focus on or where you work, your role will likely involve assisting attorneys in a number of ways, including:

  • researching precedents and investigating the facts of cases
  • drafting contracts, mortgages, separation agreements and other legal documents
    preparing written reports
  • helping prepare legal arguments, drafts or motions to be filed in court


Welding, soldering and brazing workers use heat to melt and fuse separate pieces of metal together. Welders need manual dexterity, excellent hand-eye coordination and good vision. If you are in good physical shape and enjoy hands-on, detail-oriented projects, search for training in welding and machinery.

Skilled welders choose and set up the welding equipment, perform the weld, and then examine it to make sure that the weld was done correctly and meets specifications. Within all the metalworking careers, arc welding is the most common operation performed, but there are approximately 100 different types of welding that can be done by trained metalworkers.

Additional metalworking careers include machinists, machine setters and operators, tool and die makers, sheet metal workers, and boilermakers. Professionals in other electrical and electronic careers can also benefit from welding training because they often assemble parts using soldering.

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