Online Nebraska Degree Guide

We found a total of 25 colleges in Nebraska with online degrees. There are 246 Associates, 54 Bachelors, 92 Masters, and 5 doctoral level degrees that are entirely offered or at least partially online at Nebraska colleges and universities.

Nebraska's Most Prominent Online Programs

If you are like many other professionals in Nebraska, you may be looking for ways to increase your opportunities in your career. You can pursue online degree programs within this state that can help you increase your skills within your field or even introduce you to new career fields that better suit your needs.

Online programs in several different disciplines such as engineering, nursing, or even finance can be found in the online setting in this state, providing you with what you need to pursue diverse and great-paying careers in the field. Read along in our team's guide to learn more about some of the most important aspects of choosing an online degree program.

Growing Industries in Nebraska

There are 2 major considerations to make prior to choosing an online degree program. First, you should choose a degree program in a field that interests you. This can ensure that you enjoy your career throughout your lifetime. Secondly, you should pick a career field that can withstand the test of time and grow as the years progress. According to Nebraska's state website, industries involved with finance, renewable energy, and biosciences could see remarkable growth over the next few years, making them potentially excellent options to pursue through online education.

Financial Aid Available to You

The decision to move forward into an online degree program in Nebraska can lead you into new experiences in your career and throughout your life. Some ways to ease your transition into an online degree program include seeking out reputable universities to enroll in and pursuing financial aid to help fund your education.

Financial aid can be granted through a determination of your eligibility through filing of the FAFSA each year, as well as through searching for scholarships available to Nebraska residents online. Scholarships can be obtained for excelling in previous educational programs, engaging in community service, or even through involvement in sports or the community.

Gain Access Nebraska's In-State Tuition Prices

Whether you are a long-time resident of Nebraska or have just newly moved to the state, you can pursue in-state tuition prices during your program. Existing residents may be required to submit proof of residency showing that they have lived in the state for at least 1 year in order to qualify for this lower tuition rate. Students that have just recently moved to the state can provide a drivers license, voter's registration, or car registration as proof of their intent to permanently reside in the state as part of their qualification process.

    timeline NE Careers & Employment

  • Average Mean Salary in Nebraska: $45530 (Range: $20090 to $79790)
  • Actual Jobs in 2014: 4,214,090 / Jobs Projected in 2024: 4,489,400
  • NE Employment Change: 275,310 (6.5%)
  • NE Average Annual Job Openings: 130,620 per year