The Best Guide to Online Psychology Degrees

Psychology degrees are often offered entirely online at the Bachelor's and Master's level. To practice as a clinical psychologist, you will likely need a Doctor of Psychology prior to getting appropriate state licensure.

Online Psychology Degrees

School Degrees Program Areas Admissions
University of West Alabama Bachelor, Master 70+ programs in Teaching Education, MBA, Psychology, Cybersecurity, Sports, Business and more. Website
Methodist University Bachelor, Master 20+ Programs: Business, Accounting, Computer Tech, Social Work, Psychology, Health Administration, More Website
George Mason University Master 30+ Programs: Business, Computer/Data Science, Psychology Website
Concordia University - Saint Paul Associate, Bachelor, Master 30+ Programs: Business, Healthcare, HR, SPorts, Psychology, Cybersecurity, Nursing Website
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The human brain is full of mysteries as to its constructs, functions, and meanings. There is a profound interest in this field due to its theoretical nature and influence on society. People are constantly looking for support and connection, which is something that psychologists and counselors can provide.

Have you considered either of these fields for a potential career path? If you have, then you are in the right place. Our education experts have decades of experience in researching the best educational programs in numerous education fields. Take a look at what they have provided for psychology and counseling below.

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Online Bachelor’s Options

Whether you are interested in psychology or counseling, both start with the basic foundations of psychology in early learning. After you have completed your general education requirements, you will be introduced into the early theories of psychology in an attempt to prepare you for research or practice – oriented higher degree program. Online bachelor’s programs are easily found for both psychology and counseling at accredited universities all over the country.
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Online Bachelors in Psychology

The online Bachelor’s in Psychology provides an introductory look at human mental and cognitive development from before birth to old age. The program is 4 years in length and can be taken completely in an online setting. Different topics that are covered during this program include abnormal psychological problems, learning development, and relationship theories. There is no in-person requirement for these online degree programs.

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Online Bachelor’s in Counseling

Psychology and counseling are very similar in their approaches, but if you are interested in a career in counseling, you should choose an undergraduate degree that most appropriately fits your path. The online Bachelor’s degree in Counseling is a great start to learning about the differences among people in society as well as the various counseling techniques used for different individuals and groups. The online Bachelor’s degree in Counseling is a great way to set the foundation for future licensure in counseling after an accredited online Master’s degree in Counseling program. This program lasts 4 years at full time and can be completed entirely online.

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Online Masters Options

Every state requires that licensed psychologists and counselors have a minimum of a master’s degree in order to be considered for licensure. In the field of psychology, the master’s degree is the most popular level of degree, probably because of the licensure requirement. If you decide to pursue a Master’s degree in Psychology or Counseling, be sure to consider the end result that you are searching for. Each of the two degrees has different specialties that can be chosen to help center around a certain perspective of care. If you choose a particular specialty to go alongside you online master’s degree, the course work could change slightly from what is provided here.
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Online Master’s in Psychology

The online Master’s in Psychology is a great way to prepare for future licensure as a psychologist. There are different fields in psychology for you to choose from, such as Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, or Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Each of these fields contributes to a different sector of society, but uses some of the same concepts and theories for each one. Most online Master’s of Psychology programs take 2 years to complete, with most applied sciences requiring clinical experience prior to graduation and licensure.

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Online Masters in Counseling

Just like psychology, counseling also has many different specialties for students to choose from. A few of the more popular are School Counselor, Marriage and Family Counselor, and Substance Abuse Counselor. There are online master’s degree programs for a large number of different specialties, depending on what you are interested in. Since counseling deals directly with the public, most online master’s degrees require that students partake in clinical supervised experience during this 2 year degree program.

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Career Options with a Bachelors

Career Options with a Masters

Top Organizations to Know

American Psychological Association

The APA is the leading professional organization for psychology professionals across the United States. This is the best resource for psychology professionals to find literature in their field, other professionals to network with, and up to date news regarding psychology. The APA is also the leading accreditation agency for psychology programs in the country.

American Counseling Association

The American Counseling Association works as an advocate for professional counselors within their field. This agency provides a large number of resources, publications, and media for professions to enhance and further their knowledge in counseling. When working as a professional in this field, it is important to become a part of organizations such as this one in order to continuously evolve your thought into more recent trends. Since psychology is a newly born field, it will continue to change as we learn more about it.

The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs

The CACREP is the leading accreditation agency for counseling programs in the U.S. This agency is important in providing reliable and relevant counseling education programs both online and in traditional institutions. If a degree program has received a seal of approval from an agency like this one, you can be sure that it will be useful in obtaining licensure and finding careers in the future.

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There are over 2,500 colleges with online degrees in our database. Many students find that there are universities that offer their programs online, but are in their vicinity. The majority of students studying online actually chose a college that is close to them, or at least within their region. Simply click on the state of your choice to view all of the online colleges in your state.