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There are hundreds of different program areas with colleges offering degrees online, at every level. Here are some of the top online program areas. You can view more information on each program, including offerings at the undergraduate (Associates and Bachelor's) and graduate (Master's and Doctorate) levels.

Online Program Areas

School Degrees Program Areas Admissions
University of Montana Associates Online Associates Programs Website
Utica University Bachelor, Master, Doctorate 50+ Programs: Business, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Nursing, Social Work Website
Shawnee State University Associate AA in General Studies Website
University of West Florida Bachelor, Master 15+ Programs: Computer Science, Teaching, Cybersecurity, Health, Nursing, Social Work Website
Norwich University Bachelor, Master 70+ Programs; Business, Cybersecurity, Technology, Data Analytics, Engineering, More Website

Top Online Degree Areas

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There are over 2,500 colleges with online degrees in our database. Many students find that there are universities that offer their programs online, but are in their vicinity. The majority of students studying online actually chose a college that is close to them, or at least within their region. Simply click on the state of your choice to view all of the online colleges in your state.