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The online MBA is a graduate Masters degree program also known as the Master of Business Administration. The MBA program is the most popular graduate degree program in business that is widely available online. MBA degree programs prepare students for diverse career options in public organizations, private businesses, and even jump-start an entrepreneurship. There are accelerated 1-year MBA programs, executive MBA programs for those currently in a leadership (or similar) position, and traditional MBA programs. You will need a Bachelors degree of some sort for entry into an MBA program. Consider viewing some of the featured top online MBA programs.

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School Degrees Program Areas Admissions
University of West Alabama Bachelor, Master 70+ programs in Teaching Education, MBA, Psychology, Cybersecurity, Sports, Business and more. Website
Methodist University Bachelor, Master 20+ Programs: Business, Accounting, Computer Tech, Social Work, Psychology, Health Administration, More Website
George Mason University Master 30+ Programs: Business, Computer/Data Science, Psychology Website
University of New Haven Master Business, Healthcare, Accounting, Cybersecurity, Sports Website
Babson College Master Business, MBA Website
Drake University Bachelor, Master Business, Analytics, Public Administration, Teaching, Health Website
Georgetown University Graduate Business Analytics, Finance, Sports, Technology Website
Concordia University - Saint Paul Associate, Bachelor, Master 30+ Programs: Business, Healthcare, HR, SPorts, Psychology, Cybersecurity, Nursing Website
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People with a strong desire to use their communication, negotiation, and critical thinking skills to create a successful career might be great prospects for the field of business. If you are one of the many people that have the drive required to be a avid business professional, you should consider the online Master of Business Administration for your education.

Top Types of the Online MBA Degree

The online Master of Business Administration is one of the most popular degree options for individuals interested in being a part of large organizations that sell products or services. This incredible program can be a great option for people in need of intensive management skills, or even those with interests in specific subfields within the field of business. One important aspect of this degree program to review is that it can be accompanied by an assortment of different degree specializations to help fit your needs.

Online Organizational Management MBA

If you were to research the degree levels of some of the top executives in the field of business, you might notice a trend towards graduate-level degree programs. Higher level degree programs in business - especially those that focus on management - can be a great way to obtain leadership positions within organizations of varying services. The online MBA - Organizational Management can outline some of the most preferred skills for business leaders, as well as provide you with more insight into how companies operate and recommended methods of success.

Online Finance MBA

Another element that could be considered critical to the field of business is finance. If you have a knack for math and are skilled in computation, a degree concentrating on finance could potentially take you places in popular businesses all over the country. In this specialty program, students can learn how to apply accounting and mathematical skills to regular billing, financial reporting, and taxation in the business setting.

Online Marketing MBA

The online MBA in Marketing can be an excellent choice for upcoming students with great communication skills, charisma, and influence. Marketing degree programs can instruct you on proven methods for connecting with the public to promote products and services, as well as some of the new-age ways to spread the word on what is being sold. Students in this program may look at common methods for marketing such as in-person meet-ups, television, and digital advertising.

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Why consider an online MBA?

There are convenient educational options for students with full-time jobs or daily responsibilities that can hinder their ability to attend programs in person. Online MBA programs can be a great way to learn more about upper tier functions in business while still maintaining consistent employment or spending time at home.

Most online MBA programs require that incoming students have some experience in the field of business as well as an undergraduate degree in business or other related field. At the onset of your online MBA program, you may be required to take part in an introductory and instructional how-to course that can teach you how to interact with online courses efficiently. Once you have completed this, you can enter into your first course and begin your experience of learning in the online setting. Online courses in the MBA program may include interactive assignments and discussions, as well as examinations that can be completed from your very own home. Courses in this setting may also include examination components that are found within traditional degree programs.

A large majority of online MBA programs may also include an in-person internship requirement. This requirement may expect you to locate a placement for your internship and spend a semester or more working among MBA holders during their daily duties. These internships can also lead to employment for some students, so it is important for you to choose an internship that is closely related to the type of career you would like to have after graduation.

Outline of the MBA

A popular question that prospects of this program often ask is related to the contents of this degree program. The intended outcome of this degree program is likely to obtain higher paying positions in the field of business and to learn skills that can cater to a successful career. In order to achieve these goals, students should be prepared to engage in course work related to many different topics in the field of business, as well as engage in on-the-job experiences that can bring the curriculum into focus. At the masters level, students can jump right in to a curriculum focusing specifically on business practice and theory.

The online MBA can be a great complementary degree program for graduates from a wide range of undergraduate programs, making it accessible to students from diverse educational backgrounds. Some MBA programs may also require that applicants have some work experience in the field of business prior to applying, so always be sure to check out these requirements before setting your focus on a particular program or school.

The online MBA typically consists of around 60 credit hours at most universities - which some students can complete in around 2 years. During this experience, you can take courses focusing on business communication, law, marketing, and even information technology. The blend of topics in this program can allow you to have widespread knowledge of your field and how it can be affected by outside variables. The MBA program may also require you to engage in internship experiences, which can be set up and conducted at various points during your program.

Example courses for most online MBA programs

Before you ever seek out an online MBA program, you should think about what professional goals you have set for yourself. Do you have an interest in working in a specific type of business? Are you interested in being a manager or perhaps a marketing professional? These questions can help you better prepare for choosing a specialization, which can help you create a degree program that is most beneficial for what you want to do in the future. The classes that you take during your online program can shape your understanding of business practices current in the United States.

While some online MBA programs consist of course work that focuses on a wide variety of topics in this field, you can customize your learning through choosing a specialization. Regardless of which specialization you choose, you may find a set of general courses that can be included in all MBA programs. These courses can provide you with advanced learning in some of the most important topics in business, as well as some leadership components to help build your skills in management.

Business Law

The decision making process in the field of business should contain varying aspects of legal and ethical considerations. This course can allow students to explore some of the current and historical legal cases involving businesses and service in order to gain a more educated understanding of how law is applied in their field. Students in this course may also explore some of the current laws pertaining to the operation of businesses in context to their area of focus.

Economics for Business

The U.S. economy can be a huge factor for many businesses throughout the country. Students in online MBA programs should explore topics relating to micro and macro-economics, theories pertaining to the economic system, and the behavior of the market. Each of these concepts can provide students with a valid comprehension of how the economy operates and how it can negatively or positively affect the progress of businesses within many different fields.

Advanced Marketing Strategy

Marketing is an aspect of business that can be vital to the success of your organization. In this class, students can analyze proper marketing strategies based upon valid market analyses, developing and financing marketing programs, and the delegation of tasks among talent in an organization’s marketing department. Students can also explore some historical and successful marketing programs and designs that can be used while working in the field. As part of this course, students may be responsible for developing their own mock marketing project for presentation in the class.

Career Opportunities with a MBA Degree

The online MBA is an increasingly popular degree choice for new college students and new entrants to college alike. This degree program can allow you to exercise skills that are useful when working with people, selling products, or providing services to the public. Since this field contains so many different roles and responsibilities, the job of the MBA is to prepare you to work in diverse positions with varying daily tasks.

Once you have completed your degree program, you can seek out positions that can allow you to manage others, direct the marketing of products and services, or even managing specific branches of your organization. The field of business may be filled with professional opportunities for those at the MBA level. One of your concerns as a college student may be pertaining to finding jobs that pay off financially and are stable for your future.

The online MBA can prepare you for working in a wide range of specialty fields, depending on the type of specialization you choose for your program. In the data provided below, you can review some of the common average earnings for professionals currently working in the field. The information listed is based on actual averages from employees working in the U.S.

Professional Organizations to Know

Once you are on your way towards a long-lasting and fulfilling career in the field of business, you can seek out professional organizations to help strengthen your relationships and abilities in the field. The advantages associated with joining professional organizations can go beyond just networking, since most offer educational opportunities, free training, and endless resources via their websites. If you want to learn more about what types of organizations are available specifically to MBA earners, take a look at some of the most popular professional organizations beneath this section.

The American Management Association

Graduates of the online MBA program can take advantage of professional organizations that were designed to help increase their skills in management positions. The American Management Association focuses on the need for further training and hands on experiences when seeking new ways to expand knowledge in members of their organization. If you were to join an organization such as this one, you could participate in group experiences and training seminars suitable for helping you gain new skills relevant to the field of business.

The Entrepreneurs Organization

Different specialized fields in business may require diverse skills to complete daily tasks. Online MBA earners that pursue their own independent business ventures may need to have diverse skills in several different areas of the business field. Professional organizations such as the Entrepreneurs Organization can guide members toward new and innovative ideas, group thinking, and methods for independent success in the field. If you are a recent online MBA graduate and are seeking supportive people and resources as you begin your journey towards success, this organization could be a great option for you to consider.

The American Marketing Association

Students that choose to pursue specializations in marketing with their online MBA degree might be interested in finding careers responsible for communicating product and service benefits to the public. The field of marketing can constantly be improved by the use of technology and social media in society. Organizations such as the American Marketing Association can help you meet others in your field, learn about new and innovative marketing methods, and stay up to date with requirements in your field.

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