The Best Guide to Online Teaching Degrees

Teaching is a part of everyday life. We teach ourselves things every day. We instruct others on how to do things. For some people, though, teaching is a calling. If you consider yourself a natural-born teacher, you may find it necessary to find an online degree program that can help accentuate your skills and help you in finding the career of your dreams. We have gathered recent data on teaching education and careers in an effort to make your research more condensed and easily obtained. Take a look below at what we have for those interested in the great degree program.

Teaching Degrees Online

School Degrees Program Areas Admissions
University of West Alabama Bachelor, Master 70+ programs in Teaching Education, MBA, Psychology, Cybersecurity, Sports, Business and more. Website
Drake University Bachelor, Master Business, Analytics, Public Administration, Teaching, Health Website
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Graduate 25+ Programs: Accounting, Cybersecurity, Education, Public Health, More Website
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Online Bachelors of Education Degrees

Online bachelor's programs in teaching and education can be found at a number of reputable online universities. Since the degree program requires licensure, students will find that the curriculum has certain requirements and specific courses that are set to satisfy different state requirements. We have researched the different bachelor’s level degrees in teaching and have provided a couple of the most preferred below.
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Online Bachelor of Arts in Education

The online Bachelor of Arts in Education is a great degree choice for upcoming teachers that are interested in the theoretical application of education to children of different ages. This degree program can be completed in about 4 years and includes various topics in learning development and teaching strategies. If you are interested in finding higher positions in the educational system, this degree is a great option. Accredited online programs are available throughout the country and have flexible scheduling for those interested.

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Online Bachelor of Science in Education

If you are more interested in learning to teach from the scientific and developmental perspective, than the online BS in Education may be more suitable. This program includes the general instruction curriculum alongside scientific outlooks of how children develop the skills to learn. This degree is great for teachers that may seek research-oriented careers in addition to standard teaching positions. The BS in Education can be completed in around 4 years at standard enrollment.

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Online Masters in Education Degrees

Sometimes a bachelor’s degree just is not enough to satisfy some academics. Since there is an increasing availability of online degree programs, more people are getting their bachelor’s degree than ever before. With this change in enrollment, teachers may find it more beneficial to get a master’s degree to complement their experience in the field of teaching.

Online master's programs are just as popular nowadays as the undergraduate programs. Teachers that are currently working in the field and wish to pursue higher achievements will find that online master’s programs are a great option. Take a look below at 2 of the most common master’s paths for upcoming students.
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Online Master of Arts in Teaching

With the online MAT, graduates have the opportunity to pursue higher tier positions in the educational system. While some graduates maintain their current teaching positions after graduation, they still reserve the opportunity for advancement by achieving this degree. The online MAT can be completed in about 2 years, with some schools requiring in-person training outside of the online platform.

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Online Master's in Education

Just as with the online MAT, the online Master’s in Education is a great way for current teachers to set themselves apart from others. If you are interested in having a degree that dives deeper into the foundations of education while providing tips on how to help children achieve their full potential, that this online degree program is right for you. With master’s level degrees, teachers have the opportunity to advance their careers, or even more forward to positions at the state and government level.

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Career Options with a Bachelors of Education

Elementary School Teacher

– $55,450 on average per year (BLS).

Middle School Teacher

– $55,860 on average per year (BLS).

High School Teacher

– $57,200 on average per year (BLS).

Special Education Teacher

– $56,800 on average per year (BLS).

Career Options with a Masters of Education

School Principal

– $90,410 on average per year (BLS).

Instructional Coordinator

– $62,270 on average per year (BLS).

Postsecondary Education Administrator

– $88,580 on average per year (BLS).

Education Administrator – Elementary and Secondary

– $92,940 on average per year (BLS.

Top Teaching Organizations to Know

National Education Association

The NEA is the largest professional education association in the U.S. This organization is great for professional teachers of every grade level that wish to stay informed with current topics in teaching and have access to research conducted in education.

American Federation of Teachers

The American Federation of Teachers is a union for teaching professionals that promotes fairness for teachers, economic opportunity and high quality education for all students, and healthcare and public services for students and their families.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

The ASCD is an advocate for quality education for children. This is a great organization for teachers to become involved with, due to its dedication to maintaining a great educational system for children from all backgrounds. If you are interested in learning more about the values and missions of this organization, you can visit ASCD’s website for more details.

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

The CAEP is a leading accreditation agency for teaching education. Organizations such as this one ensure that degree programs are reliable and approved by state boards across the country. When searching for a good quality online teaching program, accreditation can be the key to guaranteeing the degree program is worthwhile.

Search Online Colleges by State

There are over 2,500 colleges with online degrees in our database. Many students find that there are universities that offer their programs online, but are in their vicinity. The majority of students studying online actually chose a college that is close to them, or at least within their region. Simply click on the state of your choice to view all of the online colleges in your state.