Online Wyoming Degree Guide

We found a total of 7 colleges in Wyoming with online degrees. There are 84 Associates, 0 Bachelors, 3 Masters, and 0 doctoral level degrees that are entirely offered or at least partially online at Wyoming colleges and universities.

Wyoming's Most Prominent Online Programs

Being a resident of the state of Wyoming can have many benefits for students looking for higher education. This state offers online degree options for students in many different specialized fields, including those in prime industries such as business and healthcare. Casper College and the University of Wyoming both provide students with online degree programs to choose from, which can be excellent options for busy full-time workers or upcoming college students with families or other personal obligations.

Accredited online degree programs can provide you with the same level of quality as their traditional counterparts, helping you to achieve certification or licensure in specific fields. Our team of educational experts has years of experience in researching educational programs of all kinds. Take a look at the information provided by our team in the guide following this section.

Growing Industries

Wyoming can be an excellent place for professional to engage in careers surrounding the oil industry, logistics, and local government. These growing industries may continue to seek out qualified professionals to fill open positions, making them primary targets for upcoming college students interested in degree programs that can provide lasting careers. Online degree programs focusing on engineering, business, and life sciences could help you land positions in these incredible fields and are currently being offered by universities all over the state. Prior to choosing your path for your education, our team encourages you to research what types of jobs are currently hiring in your state.

Financial Aid Available to You

One of the first questions that upcoming online students ask about their program is in regards to the costs. This is a huge component in deciding which program to enroll in and can potentially dictation whether or not a student chooses to enroll at all. If you are one of many students working through the financial conundrum of higher education, you should research what types of financial aid may be available to you. Financial aid can come in many forms. Some of the most common forms of financial aid are grants and loans, which can be applied for through the annual FAFSA. Information about the FAFSA and instructions for applying can be found through a simple internet search, so we encourage you to read more about the FAFSA before enrolling in any program.

WY In-State Tuition

Students in Wyoming can potentially save money towards their degree through enrollment as a verified resident of the state of Wyoming. Classification as a resident requires that students provide documentation that supports their residency, depending on their dependency status. Students that are still considered dependent learners can provide information stating that their parents have worked in the state of Wyoming and paid state taxes in the last year in order to obtain in-state status.

Independent learners must provide evidence of residency in the state for the last 12 consecutive months by providing check stubs from employment, evidence of paying state taxes, housing agreements, or vehicle registrations. Students that have moved to the state to complete their degree program are considered nonresidents by universities in Wyoming.

    timeline WY Careers & Employment

  • Average Mean Salary in Wyoming: $47650 (Range: $20090 to $81320)
  • Actual Jobs in 2014: 307,200 / Jobs Projected in 2024: 311,780
  • WY Employment Change: 4,580 (1.5%)
  • WY Average Annual Job Openings: 8,930 per year