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We found a total of 5 colleges in Alaska with online degrees. There are 30 Associates, 22 Bachelors, 19 Masters, and 2 doctoral level degrees that are entirely offered or at least partially online at Alaska colleges and universities.

Alaska's Most Prominent Online Programs

If flexibility with your learning is what you desire, online degree programs may be the option for you to choose. Online degree programs in various fields can provide you with a high quality curriculum that is delivered via online systems to your very own home. Alaska residents looking for this convenience with their education can look into schools such as Alaska Pacific University and the University of Alaska for their online needs.

Degree programs are available online at multiple degree levels, making these convenient programs accessible by a wide variety of upcoming students all over the state. Students may also choose from many different degree majors, since more and more programs are becoming available in the online setting. Read more in this guide provided by our team of education experts to learn about your decision to pursue a degree online and the resources available to you.

Growing Industries in Alaska

Students choosing to enroll in online degree programs in Alaska should take a look at some of the growing industries within their state to ensure that their degree can lead to ample employment opportunities in the future. According to Alaska's government website, some of the trends indicate that healthcare is the leading industry showing growth by large numbers.

Following closely behind healthcare, food services, local government, and engineering are some other industries that could show remarkable growth in the coming years. With the oil industry so prominent within this state, engineering graduates with an interest in providing support in this area could have access to a wide array of different career opportunities throughout their career.

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Financial Aid Available to You

Before you take the first step of applying to your online degree program, you should develop a plan that outlines how you will cover the costs of your entire program. Students enrolling at the associate's or bachelor's level could be eligible for federal grants to help fund their program, which does not require repayment after graduation. Additional funds can be granted through federal or private students loans or even scholarships. One of the best ways to see what type of aid you qualify for is filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid each year. This application can help you gain access to grants and loans depending on your yearly income and family composition. Our team encourages you to research potential scholarship opportunities available in your community and at your university of choice.

AK In-State Tuition

There are several different ways that you could possibly qualify for the lower in-state tuition rate through universities in the state of Alaska. Future students that can provide proof of residency in the state for the last 2 years can qualify for residency status at the time of registration.

Those that have received the State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend over the last 12 months can also be considered for residency status. Other students that could qualify for in-state tuition rates are those with parents in the military, children of university employees, children of parents that have received degrees from the University of Alaska, and members of specific scholastic programs that waive nonresidential tuition charges in the state of Alaska. If you believe that you meet the criteria for in-state status in Alaska, you should contact the enrollment office at your university prior to applying.

    AK Careers & Employment

  • Average Mean Salary in Alaska: $57750 (Range: $23450 to $102040)
  • Actual Jobs in 2014: 2,094,280 / Jobs Projected in 2024: 2,256,100
  • AK Employment Change: 161,820 (7.7%)
  • AK Average Annual Job Openings: 67,580 per year

All Colleges with Online Degrees in Alaska

Alaska Pacific University
place Anchorage AK
  • phone_iphone 7 Online Degrees offered
  • Accreditation: NCCU
  • Associates:
  • Bachelors: 4
  • Masters: 0
  • Doctorate: 0
Charter College-Anchorage
place Anchorage AK
  • phone_iphone 20 Online Degrees offered
  • Accreditation: ACICS
  • Associates:
  • Bachelors: 6
  • Masters: 1
  • Doctorate: 0
University of Alaska Anchorage
place Anchorage AK
  • phone_iphone 21 Online Degrees offered
  • Accreditation: NCCU
  • Associates:
  • Bachelors: 0
  • Masters: 4
  • Doctorate: 0
University of Alaska Fairbanks
place Fairbanks AK
  • phone_iphone 43 Online Degrees offered
  • Accreditation: NCCU
  • Associates:
  • Bachelors: 7
  • Masters: 8
  • Doctorate: 2
University of Alaska Southeast
place Juneau AK
  • phone_iphone 27 Online Degrees offered
  • Accreditation: NCCU
  • Associates:
  • Bachelors: 5
  • Masters: 6
  • Doctorate: 0

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