The Best Guide to Online MAT Programs

If you are a bachelors graduate that is seeking a higher degree in education, the online Master of Arts in Education may be a great choice for you to consider. This degree program is one of the most preferred for educators in various levels of public and private educational institutions and can provide you with the skills you need to teach others in a professional environment. A lot of teachers in the U.S. currently hold a bachelors degree in their field.

Online MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching)

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An Introduction to the MA in Education

In order to stand out among the other applicants for teaching positions in your desired area, it may be necessary for you to consider higher degree programs for your resume. The online MA in Education can help you learn more about advanced teaching skills that can help solidify a successful career.

Our team of educational experts has over a decade of experience with researching educational programs and their respective careers. This guide is an accumulation of the information they have pulled pertaining to this degree program and can provide you with more information about the details involved in the actual degree program, as well as the end result of all of your hard work throughout. Read more about this exceptional online program in the guide below.

Outline of the Education Master's Program

One of the most interesting aspects about the online MA in Education is that it can lead you on many different paths for your career. If you were to conduct your own research about this program, you might see that different universities can offer different specialization options to help piece together the perfect program for what you want to do in your career. The online MA in Education can help you to gain advanced skills in teaching or even help you gain secondary skills that can get you involved in management, research, or even consultation based careers.

The course work involved in this program can vary depending on the type of concentration - if any - that you pursue. Students in this program may see classes that focus on advanced assessment and instructional methods, as well as courses that focus on managing behavior in the classroom. There are also secondary courses that can teach you more about laws surrounding public and private education, leadership, and even specialized learning techniques for students with different needs. Another main goal of this program is to help learners gain the skills necessary for accurate and effective curriculum development.

The more you learn about this degree program prior to enrolling, the better you can be at choosing specializations to help solidify your success in the future. Most online MA in Education programs recommend holding at minimum a Bachelors in Education prior to enrolling, so you should always check your school's requirements prior to submitting your application. In some cases, students may also be required to have a certain amount of teaching experience to be competitive with other students in their acceptance.

The section below outlines some of the most common specialization options for this online program, so take a look to see what would be your best option for what you require.

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Specialization Options to Consider

If you are intrigued by online Master of Arts in Education programs, you should look for programs that fit your learning style and your desired outcome. Since the field of education is so widespread, it can contain many different specialization options that cover all of the important aspects of education. Depending on your skills, interests, and desires, there may be specialization options that can help set you on track for the career of your dreams. Our team of educational experts has reviewed some of the most well-known concentration options and provided them in a list for you to review below.


Since it is common for a lot of students in education to achieve their bachelors degree, some upcoming learners choose to pursue their masters degree in an effort to possible obtain leadership positions within their field after graduation. Specializations in leadership can enlighten you to the policies and regulations faced by educational professionals, as well as some of the methods available for managing and training staff. This specialization could be an excellent option for experienced educators looking for advancement in their careers.

Special Education

Upcoming educational professionals may have the option to pursue higher training based on particular groups within the field of education. Special education is one of the more popular options for upcoming online masters students, since it can provide advanced learning towards students with special needs in the school system. This specialization can instruct students on proper curriculum design, accommodations, and federal programs for students with a higher level of need.

Instructional Design and Technology

Students entering into higher degree programs can also become involved in specialized programs that can influence the field of education from an outside perspective. This concentration can help students learn more about different methods of instructional design, as well as the implementation of technology-based teaching systems in the classroom. This specialization could be great for students that have a history or some experience in computer information technology or curriculum design.

Learning in the Online Setting

One aspect of MA in Education programs that is fairly consistent is that it is often pursued by professionals that are already working full-time jobs in the field. This can pose a challenge for busy professionals that are seeking higher level positions, but do not have the free time to attend classes throughout the day and at night. In order to meet the needs of all students, rather than just those able to attend classes full-time, universities all over the country now offer online options for a large portion of their programs. The online MA in Education can be a preferred resource for current teaching professionals in search of better career opportunities.

Online programs can be a great complement to careers, since they can be attended from home and at times that work for you. Most online courses have attendance requirements that expect students to log in at least 1 or 2 times a week, but do not have restrictions as to what time of day you attend. This can make it possible to complete assignments early in the morning, late in the evening, or any time in between. In the online classroom, students in this program can have access to a wide array of online resources to help with assignments and examinations.

Once logged in to a course, students can conveniently view current and upcoming assignments, take part in class or group discussions, and even take tests through the course's test function. All aspects of traditional learning can be found compacted into the online course room, simply without the in-person participation requirement.

Example Courses

The courses that you take during your degree program can essentially mold the professional you are working to become. Online Master of Arts in Education programs can come in many different shapes and sizes. If you were to choose a concentration option for your degree program, the courses that you take may focus on those aspects in relation to education as a whole. In order to make your search for the perfect program a little easier, our team has drawn information from current online programs and provided it here for you to review. Check out some of the most common classes found in online education programs below.

School Finance and Management

Most school systems in the U.S. must operate by certain financial guidelines in place due to influence from the government. This course can introduce you to some of the laws and regulations pertaining to finance in the public and private school systems, as well as a look into the various finance methods available to schools systems in needs. Financing tools such as grants may be covered, which can provide upcoming professionals with a better perspective into the financial operation of these entities. General skills such as budgeting and purchasing may also be covered in this class.

Behavior Management

Online masters students can use this course to learn more about the positive behavior interventions available for use in the school system. As a higher level professional in the field of education, you may be introduced to some of the most common behaviors exhibited by students in the classroom, as well as a look into some of the most effective interventions available. Students in this course may also take a look at some of the rules and regulations associated with behavior management in schools.

Curriculum Development and Instructional Methods in School Systems

The goal of the field of education is to promote successful learning in students in all age groups. This course can help you learn skills relevant to creating effective curricula that can reach all students under your instruction. This course can also provide you with further learning into instructional methods that work for varying students and technological interventions to assist in the deliver of educational topics.

Career Opportunities with an MA in Education

The realm of opportunity for masters degree holders in education can be extensive. Education is a field that calls upon educated professionals to dedicate their time and energy to the flourishing of others. Professionals in this field can work with children and adults alike, with some degree options offering concentrations specific to each group.

If you have a group that you have targeted for your career, you should look into positions that can put you in touch with those groups. This can be a highly fulfilling field that can put you in touch with students from various lifestyles and backgrounds. Your earning potential in this field can be variable depending on where you live, the type of specialization you have chosen, and the years of experience that you may have already. If you are interested in knowing more about your earning potential, browse through the average salaries provided by our team under this paragraph.

Professional Organizations to Know

Once you are graduated, licensed, and prepared to work in the field, you may be seeking out supportive people or organizations to support you during your career. Professional organizations in the field of education were developed so that professionals could have access to further learning and development in their field, so that they can continue to grow as educators throughout their career. If you have taken the time to review any of the available organizations currently in society, you may be aware that they are available in large volumes. Your specialization or focus can help lead you to the right organization for your own personal goals and mission.

National Education Association

Organizations such as the National Education Association are focused on providing extensive research and improvement for current educational programs throughout the U.S. As an educational professional, you can join this agency in order to learn more about methods of improvement for education systems, continuous learning opportunities for educational experts, and networking with other professional educators in the field. This organization is one of the largest available and consists of educators in a broad range of specialized categories.

The American Educational Research Association

Part of constant improvement in the field of education is valid and extensive research. The American Educational Research Association focuses on testing new ideas, technologies, and methods so that the field of education is constantly undergoing positive change. If you have a desire to positively change the field of education through sharing of ideas and information, this could be a great organization to consider for your career.

The Association of American Educators

One of the most valuable resources you can pursue as a professional in the field of education is relationships. The Association of American Educators can put you in touch with other professionals in your field, group meetings and meet-ups for advanced learning, and access to up to date materials pertaining to changes in your field.

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