The Best Guide to Online Master of Engineering Degrees

The online MS in Engineering can help prepare students for careers responsible for analyzing and troubleshooting current devices and technology, planning and implementing large scale projects to increase consumer efficiency, and even designing and creating new technical products to be used in society. The course work for this program can include aspects of mathematics, physics, and information technology to help properly prepare students for the work they may be responsible for in the field.

Engineering Master’s Degree

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If you have great technical skills and an interest in mathematics or technology, the field of engineering could be an excellent field to consider. Engineers in the U.S. can be an influential part of how effective change is implemented, as well as the introduction of new technologies to make life more convenient. As you read through this helpful guide, you should consider which field of engineering would be most beneficial to you, as well as the requirements and expectations of your degree program.

Outline of the Engineering Master's Program

Most online MS in Engineering programs may require that you have some previous education in the field prior to enrolling. If you have already completed your online BA in Engineering or closely related degree, you might have to show proof of this degree when submitting your application. Students that are seeking acceptance into specialized programs may also be required to submit letters of recommendation or experience documentation depending on the demand of enrollment in the program they are seeking.

Once you are enrolled, you can choose a degree specialization that can set you on track for the type of career you are dreaming of. Engineering degree programs currently have many different concentration options to choose from, which can change the course of your curriculum along the way. In order to provide you with the most helpful information about this program, our team of educational experts has pulled information about the different available specializations currently found in this field.

Take a look at a few common options in the list below.

Choosing one of the above specializations can help modify your degree program to include topics relevant to the skills you will need in the field. You can expect to take courses online and potentially engage with laboratory courses as complements to some of your more immersive classes. Since engineering can be such a technical and skill based degree program, you can also expect to take part in internship experiences as part of your degree program. This requirement can help to ensure that you are properly transferring knowledge gained in your program into actual practice in the field.

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Learning in the Online Setting

Online degree programs have quickly grown into a popular education option for new college students and adult workers alike. Colleges offering the online MA in Engineering often employ the same instructors to teach both online and traditional courses, so that students in both settings can have access to the same level of learning. Online degree programs can also provide you with the most convenient learning experience that can be arranged to work with your current schedule without causing interference of loss of valuable work time.

The advantages of pursuing this degree online can include the general flexibility of choosing when you learn, as well as completion of your program in a timeframe that you desire. Students that wish to complete their program in the fastest manner possible can take more classes, while students with exceptionally busy schedules can take a modest amount of credit hours and graduate after a longer timeframe. The customization possibilities of the online version of this program may be part of what makes it so popular for upcoming learners.

Engagement in online classes during this program can be completed via the online course room. From the very first day of class, students can have access to study materials, the course syllabus, and assignments with respective due dates. Having this information upfront can allow you to better plan for your assignments and be better prepared for examinations and projects. Students in online courses can discuss topics or ask questions through virtual discussion boards or speak with their professors through the in-class email tool.

Example Courses

As you make the decision to pursue your online Masters of Arts in Engineering degree, you should prepare yourself for courses that can cover a wide range of ideas related to careers in this field. The courses that you take during your degree program can be variable depending on the type of specialization - if any - that you choose to accompany your general degree. In order to give you a better perspective on the types of courses you can take during your program, our team has put together a list of sample classes for you to review. Take a look at some of the classes listed beneath this section.

Behavior of Materials

In order to create effective structures for various uses, engineering students should have a strong understanding of the various materials use in production, as well as how these materials behave under certain conditions. Some of the materials that may be outlined in this course include metals, ceramics, concrete, polymers, steel, and wood. Learning more about these various materials and their behavior under stress, heat, or cold can lead to great skills in various professional positions.

Structural Analysis

A lot of fields in engineering may require you to have diverse knowledge of structures and their qualities. Students enrolled in this course can learn more about the fundamentals of structures as well as algorithms used regularly in the field. This course can also introduce students to topics regarding structural strain and stress, the changes that take place, and the planning required to ensure that structures are reliable during these conditions. A look into theories and principles may be included in this course.

Decision and Risk Analysis

Engineering professionals responsible for developing some of the most high-tech and useful technologies and structures in society should have a method for ensuring that their decisions are safe and provide high-quality products to society. This course can introduce students to common theories regarding risk and decision analysis in engineering, as well as specific focuses into relative specializations depending on your major. This course can also enlighten you to the prevention methods that can be used to ensure that your decision making process is as accurate and problem-free as possible.

Career Opportunities with an Engineering MA

An interesting component about the field of engineering is that is can cover so many different aspects in society. Students coming in to these degree programs can choose from some of the specializations listed in the previous sections, which can create a career that provides them with the highest satisfaction. Engineering professionals can provide profound influence in many different specialized fields, making this field an incredible option for students with the drive to make a difference. Some of the most popular fields for engineering professionals are those involved in the creation of new and innovative structures and technologies. This field calls upon people with the desire to explore new means of productivity through diverse and creative means. If you would like to learn more about the career fields that are most popular for upcoming engineering professionals, read more about each of them in the short list below.


If you have a background in computers or technology, engineering degree programs focusing on either of these fields could be a great option to consider. Engineers in this field can work to make normal functions more convenient for consumers, create new technologies that go further than anything available in the field, or work to improve our current technologies for benefits in the future.


Engineers interested in building or architecture have long been a part of innovation in society. People that love to build new things, develop helpful structures to fit the needs of society, and have an interest in the behavior of materials could be a great fit in this field. Online degree programs in this field can prepare you to obtaining positions responsible for structural development from small to large scale within your community.


Fields that include some of the most advanced sciences can benefit from the inclusion of educated engineers. Online Masters in Engineering programs can be a great option for individuals interested in chemisty, biology, or even sciences pertaining to nature and the environment. If you are the type of person that has a profound interest in the science behind human life, elements, and their interactions, this degree field might be the best option for you to consider.

With such a broad range of influence in society, it is easy to see why so many people are so intrigued by the online Master of Arts in Engineering program. Engineering can essentially be implemented in most aspects of the environment, as well as the way that people interact with the environment. If you have given some thought to a degree and career in this field, you might be interested in the earning potential associated with pursuing a degree in this field. Our team of educational experts has provided some average salary information below for you to review before making your choice.

Professional Organizations to Know

Achieving your degree does not have to be the end of the line for your learning experience. The field of engineering may constantly undergo change, making it necessary to stay up to date in recent publications, be familiar with other professionals in your field, and gain access to additional learning opportunities to expand your expertise. One method that professionals often use to achieve these goals is joining professional organizations in the field of engineering. There is a broad spectrum of available organizations to join, with some providing focus into specialized fields and some focusing on the general field. Read through some of the most popular organizations below to familiarize yourself with what they are and their missions.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is a professional organization with interests in innovation, engineering, and general sciences. Professionals that choose to join this agency can be part of a larger cause to help enhance relationships among scientists and engineering in society, strengthen support for the field, and foster higher education and training in each of the included fields.

The Institute of Engineering and Technology

Students and professionals in the field of engineering can seek out supportive organizations in engineering such as the Institute of Engineering and Technology. This organization can provide you with continued support and resources throughout the duration of your career, fellowship opportunities that include training and learning opportunities, and receiving influence from seasoned professionals in the field.

The National Society of Professional Engineers

Once you become an engineer and start working in the field, you can expect continuous learning to be a constant throughout your career. The National Society of Professional Engineers could be an excellent choice for you to consider when entering into the field due to its support to members, available resources, and free continuing education courses provided along with your membership. Organizations such as this one can support a successful career from the very beginning.

Part of the reason that this country is so advanced in technology and manufacturing is due to the increase interests in the field of engineering. This field is extremely widespread and consists of many diverse specialization options for students interested in engineering positions in different fields. The role of the engineering professional can look different depending on the field of specialization, but generally consists of skills relevant to the creation of helpful machinery and information systems, the optimization of current technologies, and general design and maintenance of a wide array of various devices and structures.

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