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An Introduction to this Degree

Students that are seeking out degree programs to help shape their careers should review programs in the influential field of psychology. This field is highly focused on the human mind and its processes, making it an excellent choice for individuals interested in the science of learning, memory, and emotion. The highest level of degree that individuals can achieve in this field is the Doctorate in Psychology. This degree program can be found at universities and online, which adds to the diversity of this degree program for those interested.

If you would like to learn more about what this degree can provide for you as a professional and what is involved in it, read more in the guide provided by our team of experts below. The Doctorate in Psychology is a degree program that can be found in-person and online. Students with intrigue into how the brain operates, why people feel the emotions that they feel, and the development of helpful treatment plans for various mental and emotional purposes should consider the online Doctorate in Psychology to help shape their future. This degree program can be found at multiple universities all over the country, making it a high quality and available degree option to consider.

This degree program may be best paired with undergraduate or masters programs focusing on psychology-based fields, but can also be a great partner to degrees in counseling, social work, and even business. Online Doctorate in Psychology programs can also consist of specializations that can help you focus on particular areas of psychology that interest you the most. Some students may choose to pursue degree specializations that focus on cognition and learning, while others may be more interested in psychology-based research or teaching. There are numerous branches of this incredible field for you to consider as you move towards choosing your degree program. Take a look at what can be involved in pursuing and completing this degree program in the sections beneath this section.

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Outline of the Degree Program

From the very onset of an online Doctorate in Psychology degree program, students may be focused on getting the education they need to pursue higher positions within their current organization. The Doctorate in Psychology online can be a great option for those interested in learning more about why people think in the ways that they do, how society and upbringing can influence behavior, and the many different treatment methods available for various psychological conditions.

This degree program can be a great option for students that have graduated from undergraduate or masters programs in social service fields, but can be especially complementary to those with previous degrees in psychology. The general Doctorate in Psychology program may take anywhere from 3-4 years to complete depending on your previous degree level. During this time you can expect to take multiple courses in research, science, assessment, and leadership, which can help shape you into a more knowledgeable doctoral-level professionals.

Some online degree programs in this field may also require you to engage in a supervised internship experience, which involves working on-site with a licensed psychologist to learn more about what your curriculum looks like in practice. Learning and experience are huge components of this online degree program. During your learning experience, you can expect to engage in deep learning about various psychological disorders, abnormal human development, and research development. The online Doctorate in Psychology can lead you into careers that focus on educating others, conducting research, or even pursuing a license as a psychologist.

Specialization Options to Consider

The field of psychology is incredibly diverse and seems to be growing as the years progress. In a field that is so involved with human emotions, behavior, and cognition, you could potentially find a specialization option that can help you focus on specialty areas that mean the most to you. While people may have varying opinions about which specialization could be your best option, it may be better to simply review what is available and compare to your career goals. Our team of educational experts has reviewed some of the more popular options for degree specialties in this field and provided them below for you to browse.

Addiction Studies

In the U.S., the drug crisis has brought nationwide attention to the need for in-depth studies into addiction. Pursuing a specialization in this field can lead you into a curriculum designed to help you better understand addition from a neurological, genetic, and scientific point of view. This program may also include elements related to the assessment and treatment of people struggling with addiction, as well as a look into developing research programs for field improvement.

Trauma/Mental Health

A popular specialization option for upcoming Doctorate in Psychology students is related to the effects of trauma and follow-up mental health programs. The courses for this specialization may look into the developmental effects of trauma experiences on both youth and adults, assessment methods available, and therapeutic interventions available for use in the field. Considerations such as pharmaceuticals, trauma-focused therapy, and counseling may also be a large component in this degree program.


Psychology-based degree programs can also include elements that relate to outside fields such as business. Industrial/Organizational psychology degree programs can teach students more about how to implement psychological-based programs in organizations with varying needs. Boosting employee morale, improving workplace conditions, and encouraging employee engagement are some of the goals of professionals in this field, which helps to center the curriculum of this program around these targets.

Learning in the Online Setting

The Doctorate in Psychology online can be a great degree choice for individuals that lack the extra time for attending traditional classes on campus. If this sounds like a predicament that you find yourself in, you should explore the various online options for psychology-based doctoral programs within your area.

Once you have taken the plunge and enrolled in an online program, you can choose to pursue a specialization to help shape your degree program into one that can help you meet your goals. Your program in the online setting may include aspects of research, practice, assessment, and ethics. Each of these topics can help you to learn even more about graduate practice of psychology in the field, as well as teach you different methods for leading others in your organization.

In the online setting, you may be responsible for conducting your own research, which can include choosing a subject to study, gathering relevant information and statistics, and providing a written report of your findings. This can prepare you for working in research-oriented positions in the field and even help you gain skills needed to instruct upcoming psychology professionals in a collegiate setting. In the online course room you can view your assignments, upload homework, and even complete any required assessments all through one place. Most courses may also allow you to log in at times that work around your schedule and email your instructor when needed. The convenience of online programs may be what makes these options so much more attractive for those enrolled.

Example Courses

As an interested prospect of this degree program, one of your first steps should be to fully review what this program has to offer. Different colleges may offer different variations of this degree program, which can make your journey towards a career more unique and fulfilling for your needs. Most online Doctorate in Psychology programs may consist of a general set of courses that can help you learn more about the field as a whole prior to moving into a specific specialization in later years.

In order to assist you with making the best decision for your future, our team of educational experts has thoroughly reviewed some of the most preferred online Doctorate in Psychology programs in the U.S. The goal of their search was to locate some common courses that are presented in several different programs. In the list below this section, you can review what is included in these programs so that you can be prepared for your educational journey once enrolled. As you read through these courses, consider how the topics within could promote your success in a career.

Lifespan Development

One of the most important factors in becoming a successful psychologists is associated with being knowledgeable about normal and abnormal lifespan development. This course works on the premise that professionals should have a strong understanding of development from conception, through childhood, and onward to old age. This course can help students get a grasp on the stages of life that may be influenced by trauma, society, and health-related factors. Students that complete this course may explore some historical cases of abnormal lifespan development in order to visualize the effects of social factors on development.

Research Theory and Design

At the doctoral level, psychology students should be prepared to engage in learning about the creation and design of research projects in their field. This course may provide students with the opportunity to choose their own research topic, collect data, and test their hypotheses in an online classroom setting. Students may also be trained on how to properly document and report their findings so that they can be active contributors within their field.

Tests and Measurement

Whether you decide to pursue a practical or research-oriented career after graduation, skills in testing and measurement could be beneficial for you along the way. This course can help you learn more about the various tests and assessments available for use in the field, as well as the methods for documenting results and analyzing trends and measurements. These skills can be useful to students interested in working in school systems or mental health agencies responsible for aligning services with the needs of clients.

Career Opportunities with this Degree

Since psychology’s introduction, it has quickly grown into one of the most fascinating sciences available in educational programs. This field can put you in touch with a wide range of different people, personalities, and challenges throughout your career. The online Doctorate in Psychology can prepare you for careers involved with researching unknowns within the field and potentially answering some of the field’s most perplexing questions. As a by-product of this degree program, you could also pursue careers in the field of education – teaching others about the components and skills present in psychology.

At the doctoral level, you may have a diverse set of career options to consider once in the field. Professionals with diverse understanding about the human mind and its processes could be great additions to fields concerned with social services, curriculum development, and even business. Your expertise driven by this program can lead you into many fascinating positions all over the country.

Upcoming students in the online Doctorate of Psychology program may also be interested in learning more about the specific positions and earning potential in their chosen field. This is one question that new students often ask prior to enrolling in a program, since a degree can affect their overall quality of life. In order to satisfy this question, our team has also reviewed some average salaries provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The list below can show you what you can expect in different positions related to this field.

Professional Organizations to Know

Now that you have learned more about the degree program and its potential results, you should dive into what you can expect once in the field. A career in the field of psychology can assist you with changing lives for the better in many different distinct practice areas. Once you are a professional in the field, you should always be open to receiving support from other professionals and take part in any additional learning opportunities that may arise along the way.

One way that a lot of psychology professionals extend their expertise in the field is by participating in professional organizations in their field. These organizations allow membership to students, professionals, and prospects within the field of psychology as a way to bring people together for a common cause. Being a member of one of these agencies can allow you to have access to first hand information about changes in the field, opportunities to gather with others at conferences and meetings, and even support services when needed. As an upcoming psychology professional, you can take advantage of these organizations as a way to promote success within your own career.

The American Psychological Association

Students and graduates of psychology-oriented degree programs may be familiar with the largest professional organization for psychology in the country – the APA. This organization can provide professionals with support throughout their career, information on accredited degree programs, and learning opportunities that can be relevant for people at various stages of their professional experience. This organization can be a useful tool for professionals in diverse careers or even for those interested in exploring some of the most recent trends in the field of psychology.

The Society for Industrial Organizational Psychologists

Specialized fields in psychology can also have professional organizations to help guide professionals through their day to day experiences in the field. The growing field of I/O psychology has attracted many new prospects that have grouped together through the Society of I/O Psychologists. This organization can be a great method for learning more about effective assessment and planning methods for businesses all over the country, as well as a way to meet other professionals moving along a similar career path.

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Whether you have chosen a specialization focusing on the social aspects of psychology or not, professional organizations such as the Society for Personality and Social Psychology could be a great addition to your professional resume. This group can provide you with more information about current personality tests, social factors, and methods for use in the social environment. Members of this organization can benefit from the focus on current society and its influence on the overall psychological health of people all over the country.

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