The Best Guide to Online RN to BSN Programs

If you are interested in entering into the field of nursing, you have to achieve a minimum of a Bachelors in Nursing before being consider for licensure. While licensed nurses holding an associates degree are still permitted to practice in the field, there are added benefits associated with transitioning an associates degree to bachelors level.

If you are one of the many nurses in society that hold an associates but are interested in taking advantage of these benefits, you can read more about an educational program that can help you meet your goal in the guide below. RN to BSN programs were designed to help advance your degree to the bachelors level within 1-2 years.

RN to BSN Programs Online

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Utica University Bachelor, Master, Doctorate 50+ Programs: Business, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Nursing, Social Work Website
Concordia University - Saint Paul Associate, Bachelor, Master 30+ Programs: Business, Healthcare, HR, SPorts, Psychology, Cybersecurity, Nursing Website
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An Introduction to the RN to BSN

Nursing has long been an incredibly influential aspect of the field of healthcare. Professionals in this field can care for people that have a wide variety of health-related issues in hospitals, clinics, or even in their very own home. For many years, nurses could obtain their nursing license by completing an Associate's degree in Nursing and a supervised clinical experience. In recent years, the educational expectations for upcoming nurses has changed.

Outline of the Degree Program

If a degree transition sounds like the solution you need in order to pursue better paying careers in the field, you should take a look at some of the online programs that are currently being offered to people just like you. The application process for these degree programs often requires you to submit proof of your associates degree, nursing license, and any transcripts and GPA information from your previous universities.

Once you have been accepted into the program, you can enroll in classes and begin your experience towards better opportunity. While in the RN to BSN program, you can take classes that focus on advanced topics in the field of nursing. Some of the courses in this program may focus on some of the technological advancements that are current within the field, as well as any changes to ethics or practice that may have occurred since you were last enrolled in nursing programs. Since most RN to BSN programs online require you to have at least 2 years of nursing experience in the field, the majority of your program will be online classes that can help expand your understanding of the field of nursing as a whole.

Another interesting part of RN to BSN programs online is that they may include some information from fields that have been influential to or influenced by the field of nursing. For instance, in recent years, the IT field has made an impact on healthcare and nursing alike. Emerging specialized fields such as nursing informatics have provided even more career expansion for nurses interested in spreading their expertise to other sectors of their organization. Information pertaining to computer information systems, employee training, and even management may be included within these transitional programs. If you would like to see some of the most popular specialized nursing fields available to obtain through completion of this degree program, take a look through the list below.

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Learning in the Online Setting

Online degree programs have become a popular piece of educational culture in the United States. This country has long been seeking ways to increase convenience in nearly every aspect of life, including higher education. RN to BSN programs online can help you learn the skills needed to help advance your career without having to commit to long drives, student housing, or the loss of a profitable job that supports you and your family. While you are in these online programs, you can have the opportunity to engage in self-learning, self-discipline, and time schedules that work around your daily goals and responsibilities.

Online courses within this program can be accessed from your university's website. Once you have logged into your first course, you can see your course outline which can provide you with forward information about what to expect in the course. Most instructors in online courses provide you with due dates at the very beginning of your course, which can allow you to begin planning from day one. Students taking more than one class at a time can take advantage of this constant access to courses and maintain up to date on each course's requirements.

RN to BSN programs online may consist of courses that require students to engage in online discussions, research papers, and even examinations. Each of these requirements has a specific tool in the online classroom, which can allow students to easily complete their assignments without the use of paper of pencil. Online courses may also have helpful email tools so that students can easily access their instructors when they are in need of guidance.

Example Courses

The online RN to BSN program can be a great way for current nurses to transition to the minimum licensure requirements without any delay of their current employment. These convenient online programs were developed in a way that complements current employment and can easily be included into a busy nursing schedule. The courses that you can take during this program can help expand your knowledge of nursing practice, assessments, and techniques so that you can provide the best quality of care to those that you serve.

Reading down below this section, you can see some example courses provided by our educational experts. These courses can be found in online RN to BSN programs all over the country and can help to strengthen your abilities as a BSN holder. Each course in this program can focus on different specialized areas regarding patient care, technology, and nursing policy. As you browse through the sample courses below, you should conside how your experience in the field of nursing can contribute to your learning in this program.

Advanced Nursing Practice

Nurses interested in progressing through higher level degree programs can take courses such as Advanced Nursing Practice to help transform their understanding of practice in the field. This course can provide an overview of new techniques, communication methods, and evidence based practice for use in the field. This course can be exceptionally useful for associates level nurses that are returning to college after many years in the field.

Information Systems in Healthcare

The healthcare field, including the field of nursing, has been highly improved from the use of information systems. This course can serve as an introductory course for students interested in learning more about the systems and technologies current in the field of nursing. Students that choose to pursue a specialty in nursing informatics may also take this course as a platform for more advanced learning in this area of nursing.

Advanced Health Assessments

Bachelors level nursing professionals can gain access to more advanced methods of assessment through online RN to BSN programs. This course can help you learn more about advanced assessments, how to perform them, and how to analyze their results. Students interested in pursuing masters level education in the future may also benefit from learning in this course.

Career Opportunities with this Degree

One interesting fact about becoming a BSN holder is that you can pursue nursing positions in a wide variety of specialized fields. As you can see in the list below, there can be a multitude of potential career opportunities for you to choose from that can help you meet your goal of helping those in need. In each of these positions, professional nurses can have achieve earnings that may be representative of their experience and education. The area you live and the amount of work experience you have in the field can be factors that influence how much you can make during your time in the field. Before reviewing the average salary information for nursing professionals, take a look at a few popular nursing positions current available.

Now that you have seen a few of the popular specializations, you might be interested in learning more about how much you can earn from your nursing career. Our team has drawn information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in order to help you see real salary averages for professionals holding your same level of degree. Each of these in the list below can be options for you to consider in healthcare and medical facilities nearby. Read through the information provided below to get a grasp on what to expect in terms of career opportunities and earnings in the field.

Professional Organizations to Know

Professional organizations are currently a part of many different career disciplines in the United States. People in various careers join together to share experiences, knowledge, and new information that can help others promote success in their fields. In the field of nursing, there are numerous professional organizations available for you to consider. Some of the benefits of these organizations include advocacy, peer support, and even having access to job openings in your field all over the country.

Our team of experts recommends that you consider joining one or more of these excellent organizations in order to maximize your expertise in the field of nursing. Meeting others in your field and learning new skills as they are presented can be a great way to find better opportunity as your advance in your career. Take a look at some of the most prominent professional nursing organizations available in the U.S.

The American Nurses Association

Professionals organizations in nursing can be found in large numbers through an online search. Probably one of the most popular options for you to consider is the American Nurses Association. This agency could be a good choice for nursing students and professionals that are interested in general knowledge and research in their field, as well as access to new changes and networking opportunities on a regular basis. Yearly meetings and group communication programs are also a helpful aspect in this agency.

The Emergency Nurses Association

The Emergency Nurses Association is a great example of specialized nursing organizations for you to join once working in the field. This organization can be a helpful resource for nurses that are interested in or are currently a part of emergency nursing positions in the field. Relevant work advice, policies, and publications can be found through membership of this group, which can transform your understanding of your career in the field.

The American Academy of Nursing

In order for professional fields to continue growing and improving, professionals should come together to share what they know and petition for constant positive change. Once you are enrolled in a degree program or are working in the field, professional organizations such as the American Academy of Nursing can be a great place to be a part of. This agency can allow you to share your ideas, learn from others, and be an advocate for improvement in nursing practice.

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