Society is a grand and understandable phenomenon. In order to keep society functioning at a productive rate, it is important the public health awareness is a top priority. Since some areas of the country reside in densely populated areas, illness and disease are quick to spread, which can cause chaos in peaceful areas. Public health professionals provide services that support the well-being of society in a number of ways.

If you have a desire to leave your make on society in the form of great public health, than this is the field for you. Public health officials have their hand in many different areas from local health agencies to government policies. Our team of knowledgeable education researchers has scrutinized the various online degree programs in this field to give you an in depth look at the educational programs and career opportunities that are available.

Online Bachelors Degrees in Public Health

At the most basic degree level, upcoming public health professionals can gain the beginner knowledge of the public health systems and how these systems communicate with society members. Combined with the knowledge of illness and disease, this provides for a baseline of potential for students in this program. At the bachelor’s level, graduates can find gainful employment without going any further on their educational path. Although there are plenty of employment opportunities at the undergraduate level, some decide to move forward to open even more doors. Regardless of what you choose, the bachelor’s is the first step to having a proactive career in public health. Take a look below at the online bachelor’s program and what is consists of.

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

This 4 year, online program provides a stable understanding of public health and what is provides to the community. The foundation of learning in this degree program includes the importance of health education, both in professional and education settings, and nutrition. Since the goal of public health professionals is to education people about getting healthy and staying that way, the curriculum entails different perspectives and applications that can achieve this. After completion of the online bachelor’s program, graduates should have a fond understanding of the public health sector and be ready to get involved with it.

Sample Bachelor of Public Health Courses

Principles of Health Education
Public Health Nutrition
Curriculum Design in Health Education
Public Health Promotion
Disease Prevention and Intervention

Online Master of Public Health Degrees

If you have previously completed a bachelor’s program and are looking for something extra for your resume, than an online master’s may be your best option. With an online Master’s in Public Health, you can show potential employers that you take your education seriously and are prepared to make a difference in society. Some employers require that applicants have a minimum of a master’s degree, which is another reason why graduates choose to move forward into these programs. We have provided some program information below about online Master’s in Public Health programs.

Online Master of Science in Public Health

In as little as 2 years, you can obtain an online Master’s in Public Health and be on your way to a career that can really make a difference. This program consists of health in relation to the population on a large scale. During the length of this program, you will be expected to understand illness and how they spread, how communicable diseases find their way into homes and schools, and how individuals interact with each other in a way that promotes the spread of illness and disease. You will also be taught about the various programs and policies that have been created to promote health awareness in society, which gives you the skills to match problems with solution. Take a look below at some of the common courses in this degree program.

Sample MPH Courses

Health and Social Behavior
Health Policy and Management
Environmental Health Sciences
Program Planning, Development, and Evaluation

Career Options with a Bachelors in Public Health

Biostatistician – $80,110 on average per year (BLS)

Community Health Planner – $43,840 on average per year (BLS)

Occupational Health and Safety Specialist – $70,210 on average per year (BLS)

Community Food and Housing Specialist – $37,940 on average per year (BLS)

Career Options with a Masters in Public Health

Epidemiologist – $69,450 on average per year (BLS)

Medical Survey Research Specialist – $53,920 on average per year (BLS)

Public Health Director – $101,190 on average per year (BLS)

Healthcare Manager – $94,500 on average per year (BLS)

Top Organizations to Know

American Public Health Association

The APHA is a professional organization that strongly promotes great health for everyone. If you are a professional in this field, joining an organization such as this one can only further your understanding of the important of public health and provide you with a support system of other professionals in your field. This agency is a great advocate for both public health and public health professionals across the country.

Council on Education for Public Health

The Council on Education for Public Health is an accrediting agency for public health educational programs. Accreditation is the key to relevance for online degree programs, which provides assurance for students and employers about the reliability of the information learned. If you are searching for an online degree in public health, always locate the accreditation information on the school’s website.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is the nation’s most trusted source of public health information. The CDC provides assistance to individuals and companies that are interested in providing safe working environments and avoiding potentially hazardous situations. It is also a leading innovator in disease control and prevention, hence the name. As a professional working in public health, you will see how great the influence of this entity is on what we eat, where we work, and health in general. This is a great organization to get to know, since it provides helpful resource information for professionals concerned with public health.